As Seen On TV My Fun Fish Tank Review

As Seen On TV My Fun Fish Tank Review – Check out for the full review.

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raymeeluna says:

Doesn’t clean very well. Lots of fish poop just clutters the tank when water is poured in and my fish think its feeding time. I have 2 small gold fish…… for now. I don’t recommend.

Turn me Into a pack says:

No one should buy it not just because the thing is horrible. But it’s the sad for a fish to be in it, and when you “Self clean it” it will stress the fish by the harsh current!

OneNU2009 says:

Thanks for uploading this video.  I have brought this tank and I am doing a research on how it work and what kind of fish to buy.I really think the water s/b treated before adding but all is okay I guess.  

InfinityPets says:

Fish abuse

heather hooten says:

I named my beta fish billy

MrFish131 says:

DO NOT BUY THIS THIS IS TORTURE TO ANY FISH!!!!!! These people that make these tanks have no idea what conditions fish actually have to live in. People may not know this, but keeping an actual tank is easier than any fish bowl, which you shouldn’t have in the first place!!! Goldfish get big and need plenty of space. And betta fish need space. Female bettas need at least 1.5 gallons of water, and males need at least 2.5 gallons. These people need to do their research.

Tom RyBek says:

That should be wider and short better for fish

Weve TriedIt says:

These comments are disgusting. Seriously people calling each other names and making threats. Stop the madness and move on!


I don’t know girls looks pretty fishy to me !!

bronson bicknell says:

@Fixify Phayte Um no betta DO NOT need any tank bigger then this one. Do you even know anything about them? Fish love currents of fresh water it adds oxygen to the water and the fish will be able to breath better. Dont comment on stuff you dont know about your dumb comment will drive people away form buying this tank kit when it really is a great kit. Have you seen what betta live In at pet stores. They live in 2 cups of water and can live perfectly fine for weeks until they are purchased.

Night Hiker says:

Kids here’s a life lesson. When your grocery shopping with your one parent. Take a look at the bread iland. You will notice theres more bleach white bread than healthy brown bread. As you start growing up. You will see that 80% of the population dresses nice,but can’t think for themself. They are told how to think,unknowing to them. The large the group the easyer it is to control,as long as they can look good and feel their in the right.

Janie Singleton says:

Beata fish make bubble nests (the bubbles you are seeing when they are happy) also you really need to read up on beatas because that is not the right environment for that type of fish

Exterminator1441 says:

I love fish

TheLesExit says:

*looks at comments* I didn’t know people cared so much about a little fish O__O! *feels bad for keeping beta fish in bowl…but not really?*

Kathy Nguyen says:

the bubbles on the top is from the fish. He trying to make a bubble nest on the surface.. just leave it alone cuz it takes a lot of work for him to make it.

Graham J says:

the bubbles on top is a bubble nest that all betta fish make.

Michelle Lopez says:

Oh wow, some of these comments are rude! My beta is 3 years old and I pour water out of his bowl and pour water back in and he is fine! Yes, the bubbles on top are nesting bubbles and they will come back. As far as taking the beta out prior to pouring water in the tank is not necessary. Bill will survive and he will create more bubbles. Let your kiddos know the bubbles mean their betas love their homes! Thanks ladies, your demonstration was lovely.

Elijah Hawkins says:

You need to put Betta conditioner in

Deathpenalty926 says:

Poor betta

Vivienne Damone says:

Awful! No fish belongs in a jar.

Sukhdev Singh says:

First of all the tank is to small. Second that you should know that ever single fish likes a bigger space to swim In. And last thing is that you shouldn’t focus on how it cleans it self up you can clean it with your hands can’t you. And the water didn’t look clear or clean at all. Stop put the fish in small tank. If the pet store puts them in a small container. It doesn’t mean you have to do the same. One thing is only different. That is your fish tank is a tiny bit bigger than the container in the fish store so stop annoying the fish and hearting the fish.

MaryMitso3 says:

THIS KILLS THE FISH, its water needs filtration liquid for beta they cant breath regular water

Brandy Simonton says:

Going to watch another video. In hopes that Shirley punches that condescending, stuck up bitch in the face.

Captain Groovy says:

I have no idea what you two were expecting as far a that “tank” being self cleaning. The TV comercial  clearly shows people pouring water in and “dirty” water coming out of the “pipe” on the side of the tank.  The cleaning function of the tank works on displacement much like your toilet flushes.  The cleaning or should I say flush of the tank would work best if you put a diffuser in the tank so like a ladle to pour the water into so you did not disturb the fish waste at the bottom of the take as much.  On a side note if you use tap water either lets sit in a wide mouth open container for few days so the chlorine can dissipate from the water or go to a pet store and buy chlorine away drops that speed the process up to about 5 minutes or so.  I would also get rubber stopper or cap to put in or over the drain since this tank uses gravity pressure to push water out of the tank you could come home one day with a empty or nearly empty tank if certain conditions are met all at the same time.  Just trust me on that one it would take forever to explain.  Also never use distilled or deionized water in the tank filtered water is Ok.  Lastly the little LED light broke because the battery crapped out if you were to take it apart and stuff a new hearing aid battery into it wala it would work again for another 2 days or maybe 3.  Some genius in marketing decided that the tank need a light and that is what you got the truth is a little tank light that with a Beta or a goldfish really doesn’t need a light unless you live in the dark.  Lastly do not overfeed the fish uneaten food just ends up in the bottom of the tank and can turn the water toxic for the fish.  I got one for my office and like it I just wish the thing looked a little nicer but for 15 bucks what can you expect and keep glass cleaner and pledge away from it unless you like fish floating upside down and stinking

Midnite Bubba says:

What’s with this guy and his white bread?!  Not a good fish tank people. Please go to your local pet store and ask for a good quality fish tank. Don’t be cheap and lazy. Oh, by the way, these ladies obviously don’t know Beta’s are bubble nest breeders and he was working on making a nest. It’s what they do.  Bill is NOT happy. 

Pietra Cordeiro says:

You cruel bitch your hurting the poor fish

Growtopia says:

If I were to buy this and put my beta fish will it live longer due to new water or die to new water?

Nicolas Lopez says:

betta or any fish need at least a 1gallon and this betta looks sqush 

David Puente says:

Your kitchen is amazing! Thanx for the review.

Wenseb77 says:

What type of water did you put in the tank?

docwilkey says:

Thanks for the review.

Aquarium Clips says:

This is not a very good fish tank. It’s only a half a gallon and the I wouldn’t say it’s good for any animal to live in. Would you keep a dog or a cat in a tiny cupboard for its whole life?

• Bettas live in tiny, nastily dirty puddles in the wild!
*The truth* WHAT?? If they did they wouldn’t die so quickly in children’s bowls and have to be replaced by their parents! In reality, they live in small lakes, ponds, sluggish rivers, or rice paddies that are thousands and thousands of gallons, not just a pond.
• Bettas can be kept without a filter or heater.
*The truth* Bettas don’t nessecarily need a light, but they do need at least 5 gallons of water to survive. Right now mine is in a 2.5 gallon tank, which is the absolute BARE MINIMUM. Also, they need a small heater and definitely a strong but quiet filter.
• My betta is happy in his half gallon tank.
*The truth* No he’s not. If a betta could talk, it would tell you how revolting it was that humans took its own kind and plopped them in tiny little “things” they call “tanks.”
• My 1/2-inch betta will stay tiny.
*The truth* Betta splendens, the most common betta species, grow to about two inches. The largest species, B. raja, grows to six inches. Your tiny baby betta will not stay small under any circumstance.
• I only need to clean my betta tank once every few months.
*The truth* If you did, then it would a) take forever to clean it and b) your fish would die within just a few days.
• Bettas fight with all other fish.
*The truth* Seriously, WHY do bettas get the bad rep? Some bettas such as B. raja, B. pugnax, B. livida, and B. edithae are very very aggressive, but B. splendens is pretty peaceful and can be housed with many different fish species. Female B. splendens can live in peace together. Also, there is a very uncommon betta called the PEACEFUL betta (B. imbellis). The males can live together in harmony.
• I can breed bettas the Thai method.
*The truth* The “Thai method” of breeding bettas is incredibly cruel. It involves squishing a male and a female betta in a tiny tank that’s half full with water and choked with vegetation. Then they are forced to breed and have babies. Luckily very few fish farms practice this, and many are switching to the normal method which involves putting a male and 2 to 5 females in a 20+ gallon tank with enough cover, a filter, and a heater, and adequate feeding, and letting them breed naturally.

A 10-gallon tank with all the nessecities except heater and décor can be purchased at your local PetSmart for just $29.99. This is perfect for just one betta or to help you slowly build a community for small easy to keep fish such as platies, cory catfish, otocinclus, small loaches, danios, rasboras, tetras, snails, shrimp, guppies, and more. The light on this tank isn’t very strong (incadescent), but it can be used to grow low-tech plants such as vallisneria and Java fern.

Hope this helps! 🙂

marianasreality says:

In the beginning of the video you two were acting as if it didn’t work.

RunningKicksButt says:

My daughters would love this but I think they would enjoy it longer if the light could stay on as a night light and they could see their beta fish swimming around happily at night.  That is a big negative for us. Thanks for your review.

Orlando Orca says:


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