hellooo this is the second part to my review on the aqueon mini betta bow 2.5 gallon tank. there’s a lot of people asking questions about it so i decided to give my opinion on it! thanks so much for watching

my exact tank:


Quincy Krause says:

what do you use on your filter so it doesn’t cut him?

Santa Santiago says:

HI Natalie the noise is the water is to low. i Have one but a mini one about 1 gallon tank but he filter is too big for the tank, i might have to buy a bigger tank to help with the flow of the water like you said it is to strong flow for my tank.Good luck.

Katelyn says:

A pre-filter sponge

Kristin K says:

what do y’all think of the the top fin 2 gallon fish eye view aquarium? I herd that the filter is a little more protected, so i was just thinking about my beta. Have y’all ever used that aquarium?

Fish Freaks says:

I havé 10gallon tank for my Beta fish

Joe Marrow says:

How much was it?

Madde Tinder says:

what is that tanks filter thing you put on it called

Ella Rowell says:


lowjamz828 says:

Just bought this tank and am hearing alot of bad things about the filter. What other filters are compatable with this tank? That are safer for the fish?

Aranza Martínez says:

I am planning on getting a betta fish and I was wondering, how long do you let the filter run? Do u leave it on all day long? And how do you clean the filter? Thank you☺️

Red Raider! says:

he sees his reflection and flairs so you can put somthing to cover it

Emily Miller says:

what are the filter things called

Ryan Dryer says:

Plz do a tank tour your tank and Betta are so pretty!!!

Lynn Hankins says:

great looking tank. where did you get it

Guitar T says:

does the tank work or light up

Baby Jojo says:

Hey, i just have a question. Since that filter a little too rough. is it okay to use sponge filters or should i just stick to another regular filter but that’s just more gentle?

Darth Vada says:

I just got the tank today for my baby Betta (Pip) and I do have some issues with the filter. I noticed he was constantly swimming to the other side of the tank, opposite the filter, and when we would stop swimming, he would float toward it a bit, then he would frantically start swimming to the opposite side again. I turned off the filter, and he took a break for a few seconds at the bottom of the tank, and then started swimming happily around the tank. I’m going to keep it off for a little longer and see what he does. I have an extra, low flow filter I can use it this one doesn’t work out. I’m just concerned because Bettas aren’t strong swimmers to begin with, and he’s only a couple of weeks old.

katelyn devine says:

my betta got fin rot after getting this tank, and he had a hard time swimming because of the filter. So I got him medicine and a new filter

WesleyAPEX says:

Always use real plants

Kaylee Hannah says:

How much is the tank?

emz saturdays says:

where did u get your substrate? I just ordered the same tank for a rescue and love how yours looks. 🙂

Brooke Warren says:

Do betta’s like sunlight?

Anael Brodski says:

what are the filter protector things???

Red Raider! says:


Lily G says:

I just have a major problem with the filter cartridge. We clean the tank about every 2 weeks (forgive me, we’re a busy family), and the cartridge is SO DARN DIRTY. Every time we put in a new one, it gets filthy AGAIN. Any tips on how to make this problem easier to solve?

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