hey duudes! this is the first part to my aqueon mini bow 2.5 gallon aquarium review. filmed this is august and was planning to finish it in the same month, but as you know, i am a procrastinator.. SO stay tuned for next week when i upload my full review and thoughts on this tank and whether or not you should buy it. as always, thanks for watching!! 🙂


Cheese's Sexy Neighbour says:

Where did she got that?

Salem Ross says:

This tank is perfect I got a new super delta betta yesterday and got this aquarium and he loves it!

Amanda Hilburn says:

I have a blue one

Norma J says:

Just got this tank cycled and put my betta in a few days ago. He is extremely happy 🙂

Cool Wolf says:

XDDD that tank is smaller than my filter

Caleb Samountry says:

2017 guys

Karol Escobar says:

What food do you use without something that says “meal”

Farhan Mohd says:

will make a great shrimp tank : )

JAVS Studios says:

For the cartridge, are you supposed to put it in the cold water with the packaging when it’s open or closed, or do you put it in the water by itself without the packaging

Coral The Betta says:

My quietflow keeps leaking water from the other sides
Any reasons why? I’ve been changing the filter quite a bit

Sweet Cakes10950 says:

I have a aquarium like that but you can put a divider through it but I don’t use it

GalaxyCat 799 says:

I have that same tank lol.except it’s black not white

Betta fish 300 says:

This tank is awesome My betta Fluffy loves it!

Nick Lol says:

I had this one but it was missing a part so I got a 3.5 for my betta

Frenchie Nintendogs says:

That noise tho it’s so Cringey XDDD

Mya8D says:

The packaging is soo annoying!! Is it just me?
2.5 gallon tank and they put a goldfish in the picture. That gives stupid people stupid ideas! Goldfish need 30 gallons!

Dave Sims says:

Thank you for making this!

Brian Zavala says:

I got a mini bowl 5 in a yard sale for 5 $

Daniel Morales says:

where can i buy that tank

Hayden Novak says:

You would be wasting your money to buy a Phil Traciann system for a beta fish tank because beta fish now naturally live in murky water

J Klimek says:

hey I have the same tank and it works well. don’t be surprised if your filter is really loud at first, it just needs to adjust over some nights. Just so you know until the filter is in use for a while, it won’t work very well. I have to change the water out every 2 weeks. good luck, is that your upgrade for your betta or are you going to own 2 bettas? I have that same exact tank and a 5 gallon tank so I can own 2 bettas. I’m trying to convince my parents to let me use 2 tanks in my room

blue Fox says:

People you can buy super cheap pool like small but good

Keeva says:

I’m getting a betta fish and I was wondering should I buy the tank then set it up and let it run then go back and get my fish the next day? Or should I buy it all the same day and put the fish in a mini tank with water conditioner?

folsomfish says:

subbed 🙂

Betta fish 300 says:

Not perfect tho sometimes the Filter stresses him but he has gotten used to it I have him a Heater as well my rooms cold so i had to get him a Heater Fluffy is a Halfmoon King Male

Jean-Michel Gervais says:

The image on the package is irrelevent. goldfish are nice and big fish that grow to be very huge, specially the cometes… if you want happy goldfish, give them at the very less 10 gallon per fish and they need to be at less to of them, so start with a 20 gallon… I have a 26 gallon comunity tank with 2 goldfish and several other species. I have strong filtration, this is why am able to keep them with succes, but if I could, I would upgrade, and I will eventually upgrade at one point… for bettas, 2,5 gallon is the absolute limite… but let just say it is super small and if it is your first experience, you better try to get a bigger tank. a 10 gallon is perfect to start up in the hobby, as it offer enough room for small fish, isin’t that expensive and it allow you to get start and to understand more about cycling the tank and everything. nano tanks should ironicly be for expert only, as they know how to balance an unforgivable tank. the smaller the tank is, the smaller the marge of manoeuvre is if you do mistakes… so yeah, if you want a betta, at less 5 gallon, even though they would enjoye bigger tanks. 2.5 is only if you are an expert, but even then, it is freaking small…

Deanna Vang says:

where did you buy the tank? is there a way to buy it online?

AwesomeDalton says:

Guys the background music she used is the same music Zircon uses for Logan You Are My Hero

Frenchie Nintendogs says:

Ur so cool

Leilicorn says:

How much are these small aquariums? I haven’t seen them before and they look pretty nice for just one little guy. I am interested 🙂

Noo says:

Would you prefer to use pebbles or marbles.

Camron Gilland says:

Damn you are dumb!

NewbiesGamer _9 says:

how much?

Ashton Lucas says:

what kind of tank is the other one on your desk?


is it glass or plastic

Paola Cruz says:

I have the same tank! And it’s white!

Joshven roy says:

what are the dimensions of this tank?

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