Deep Blue Pro 80 Gallon Rimless Frag Tank Unboxing and Review

Unboxing and review of a Deep Blue Professional Rimless Frag Tank. Stay tuned for more updates! This review has been re-uploaded with enhanced audio.


Puff Daddy Reef says:

Check out my 2 year update for this tank! Still going strong!

Jonathan Pratt jr says:

do you have to use it for a frag tank can you just use it for a normal planted Aquarium

Coral Euphoria says:

Thanks for the review

915Mang says:

Nice unboxing

inter stellar says:

hey puff
where did you get this tank? let me know
and how much was it?

hzuiel says:

By the way, if you were concerned about the warranty, you should be aware the deep blue also voids your warranty if you put it on a custom built stand that doesn’t meet their requirements. The warranty doesn’t really mean anything either, if the tank busts and destroys your entire home, they’ll give you a whole new tank if you qualify! Yay, thousands of dollars in lost livestock and equipment, 10’s of thousands in cleaning up the disaster and replacing flooring and possibly more, and they’ll give you a whole new $445 fish tank, IF you qualify. Aquarium warranties are kind of a joke….and not a very funny one. Check if your homeowner’s insurance covers catastrophic aquarium failure damage, and if not, see if it can be added. I read online about a guy who was sitting in his living room quietly watching tv and heard *crunch crunch CRACK* and the bottom pane of his 75g went out and dumped everything instantly on the floor, and the return pump pumped whatever was in the sump out as well. He had over 15,000 worth of damage to his house, no insurance coverage, nothing from the tank manufacturer.  

Per the deep blue warranty, “Liability is limited to repair or replacement of the product only; incidental or consequential damages to other items, structures or livestock are excluded from coverage except where prohibited by law.  Any and all shipping costs related to a warranty action are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.”  and  “All Deep Blue Professional Glass Aquariums are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days from date of original retail purchase, and are guaranteed against seam leaks for a period of five years from date of original retail purchase.  Tanks must be installed on a well-supported, flat and level surface or on a commercially prepared aquarium stand or cabinet to be eligible for warranty coverage.  
Any Deep Blue Glass Aquarium which is shipped by a retailer to a consumer individually via USPS, UPS, FedEx, common carrier truck line or any other LTL freight service is specifically excluded from any warranty, expressed or implied. Claims must be filed w shipper and /or carrier.”

You may argue “well my tank was installed on a well-supported, flat and level surface” but they will probably demand pictures of the stand and try their best to deny your claim, even for just the lousy replacement tank. From what i understand, several major mass production aquarium makers state expressly in their warranty that it doesn’t apply at all unless you buy a stand FROM THEM. 

Tech Savvy says:

Looks good but what a stupid overflow

Mermaid In Motion says:

Thank you for your extensive review! You helped me decide on this tank for my musk turtle, with a dropped water level.

muffemod says:


hzuiel says:

You can paint the pvc with krylon fusion if you don’t like the way it looks. 

Mens B says:

it’s silicone

J Brown says:

Would you recommend this tank for a beginner? Thank you!

Puff Daddy Reef says:

I just fixed the audio on this review. The first one the mic was maxed out. Enjoy and happy reefing!

EnVision says:

my old tank cracked during a move so im going to get one of these in its place. i love the rimless look. good unboxing

Eric Rodriguez says:

If you don’t mind masking how much did you pay?

Puff Daddy Reef says:


brodygates says:

how heavy is it?

Adi Kablar says:

Hi, so can the water level in the tank be dropped or raised by what you show in 7:00 ?

muffemod says:

Noooooooooooo! black silicone sux.

Oli B says:

Is the front glass panel in this aquarium low iron-glass?

Danny's Fish says:

Are these Low Iron Glass?

Puff Daddy Reef says:

Just posted a new update for this tank! Check it out here!

J Brown says:

Can you put a skimmer with it that compartment or do you need one underneath the tank

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