Fluval Chi 1 Year Review

In this video i give you my one year review of the fluval chi 5 gallon aquarium

get this tank – http://amzn.to/2FzoY2e
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Howie Manuel says:

Wow awesome review, I’m looking at getting one this weekend! Thank you

FintasticFish says:

I got the tank for $20.. But the light broke after a couple months :/

it's me says:

one last qeustion i have the same tank how do i clean the filther?

D P says:

This is a great video – great overview, narration and info…thanks and keep up the great work!

Laith Hoxworth says:

Where’s your heater

Jeannie Bean says:

I have the same tank and those rocks where the cover should go on the filter are so cute! The light annoys me at night too, so maybe I’ll have to try it!

Mark Cena says:

Is this tank still running? Any updates? How is it now

JJJ HHH says:

i would recommend not filling the water that high because despite there being a lid, your betta can still jump through the gap…just my 2 cents. Lovely tank tho, i have the same one too!!

T Bissonnette says:

You need a heater for the betta, keep temp of water between 76 and 78 degrees. Also, I have this same tank, and the led lights in the filter box go out after just past the 1 year warranty. New filter box/lights are $45 from amazon.

Mark Cena says:

What substrate are you using?

Heath Crowther says:

I used to have a tank (6 gallon version) when i was 6 (ps i know it was extremely overstocked) i had one male Betta 6 neon teras 6 blue eyed minnows and a small Bristol nosed pleco

Pet Craz says:

Thanks. Just a suggestion, I would advise adding a heater, bettas like a warmer water temperature, again this is just ADVICE, I am not trying to say you are doing it wrong, in fact you are doing it great!

Audrey Min says:

Great review!! Happy to see a betta with tons of space and a low flow filter. The setup looks great!! Keep up the good work!

Brandon Baklayan says:

Thanks for this video I just subscribed to you one question I have is is their filter cartridges or something such as a sponge? I didn’t hear you mention it in the video. Thanks

it's me says:

if i have no plants in it will the fish live without an air stone or bubbles device ?

Kari Skinner says:

I really like your review. It helped me to decide to get my fluval chi11. I bought because I like the look. The light on the filter doesn’t bother me because it is in the living room. I do have a heater in mine, I put it in the middle in the back.

Rachel Chu says:

Nice Video. Might get this tank soon!

Jeremy Morel says:

The filter is shit

Lushiano Fajardo says:

hi how would you clean the glass from your fluval chi?

Felix canari4 says:

Too many fish suicides…to many I have heard of thank God u have a hood.

Fabyan Lau says:

Love your content

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