Fluval Chi Review- The Perfect Micro Tank? Planted Tank Experiment

In this video, I showcase the Fluval Chi tank, and discuss both the pros and cons of what is one of the most beautiful mass produced tanks on the market.

We will also be bringing videos in the future showing the progress of the Fluval Chi as a planted aquarium.

Unfortunately, Amazon’s sale on the Fluval Chi has ended, but they are still on sale for $59.99.

Buy a Fluval Chi: http://www.amazon.com/Fluval-Chi-Aquarium-Kit-5-Gallon/dp/B003TM1BAE/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1399482140&sr=1-1&keywords=fluval+chi


Ms. E. Evans says:

Now even though the 5 gallon chi is always available I have yet to see the 10 gallon oh and Hagen who make to chi dont have good part replacement information the # dont work for customer’s service. Tap water is really hard on the plastic lid

MaiCohWolf says:

I hated my Fluval Chi. I had it for 2 years and it caused nothing but problems for me. I still have it, but I had to replace the filter box. Bought a Cascade 300 as replacement and it works like a dream now. BUY THE HOOD or you will just end up with a ton of fish suicides. Why they ever sold it without a hood for years is a mystery to me…

Pat Montreal says:

can’t turn the light of at night, since its on the same cord as the pump !

Ranger bloke says:

im really confused how that fitler works

maria otero says:

I just ordered my Fluval Chi online and, naturally, I’ve been watching some video reviews about it to know more or less what to expect. This is by far the most helpful video out of all the ones I’ve watched. Very impressed, can’t wait ’til mine arrives home!! xx

Krzysztof N says:

great job !

Mr. Bob says:

Outstanding review!

Marrconater says:

I hate that cord!!!!

Eklecticwon says:

Best review.

Dennis Younger says:

nice. but please keep the hands a bit more still.

YANA says:

dude y did u stop making vids? u r really good!

Nummers says:

Is the dechlorinater water conditioner ? or are they different?

Cuda FX says:

such a neat looking design, but the built in lights are a joke. they make everything in the tank look pale – which kinda defeats the purpose of a display tank.
it’s no good for (air breathing) betta either. they really dont like a rippling surface, and cold, dry air can make them sick. i really cant see, what stock this tank would be actually good for.

wayne robinson says:

hi how often do you change filters?

Andrew Cilley says:

I literally cannot see the wires at all in these shots! Can you show a photo of the back that shows how you actually pinned them up?

Steve Costello says:

excellent review keep up the good work great decorating

tony wang says:

i wonder where the filter is lol

ZAKU73 says:

Great Video,Great Review,Great Tutorial and Great Advice!

Jennifer Ezzhani says:

I just picked up one of these tanks on Craigslist for $20. LOVE it. Have a little blue crayfish in mine for now. (He’ll need a larger tank soon)

Jimmy Christian says:

$40 US? damnnnn in AUS its $199

Rachel Chu says:

I live in the U.S and it costs $85. O-O



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