Fluval EDGE Fish Tank [HD]

Fluval Edge 6 Gallon tank in my office. Running with 9 Tetra’s and some basic decorations.


EOtekk says:

Toss in a couple shrimp and clams. Water changes would be nonexistent.

B Murphy says:

Nice tank but to many fish for such a young tank in my opinion.

Katherine Fiumano says:

Where do you get pieces of woodZ?

djvixx626 says:

very nice but real plants would be nicer

Brentt West says:

thought this was a video about how gay your Romo doll is…….. E A G L E S EAGLES!!!!!!!

no name here says:

the thing about small tanks are the smaller they are the more cleaning you have to do a tank like this i would do a 50% water change a week with that many fish in it and not fill it up all the way leave a little room at the top so the fish can gulp air but and add live plant they add more oxygen to the water but other then that you should be good….. peace

Name says:

Great setup, definitely want to get something like this.

Sharon Stuer says:

Hi, where did you get the fish ‘house’? 🙂

MrTcvip says:

Wheres the heater?

Leahjirh Showtime says:

did those fish survive? how is the oxygen?

Zikri Ilmi says:

hey….if u know why is my fluval is not ok(water)

Sam Salous says:

Thanks for the review Jared, are these real plants, do you know other fish types i can put in the same tank?

Cesar Cordova says:

How you clean the inside top? .. everything looks cool. But them little fish make it suck

jcnba28 says:

Is that wood decor in the tank? Where did you get it?

susan straub says:

You need an air stone for your fish!! My daughter breeds fish she is the one who told me about air stones! Also I was at a Fish Convention over the weekend and I won this exact same tank at a raffle they were having. I agree it is really unique looking! I love my new tank!!

Northwerks Garage says:

ammonia is why they are “panting” 

LAna St.ColumB says:

I have one and these are hard to clean. Nice design but not practical.

Laurent Shala says:

Is the driftwood real? or plastic? and where did you get it?

Dr.Trollish says:

and then the time comes to vacuum the sand lol.

ever says:

What type of sand is that

Scott Veirs says:

For being fake plants and fake everything, the sand really gives it a nice beachy feel and bright. Its nice.

johnson mckay says:

Is it big enough to house 10 neon fish? As it’s only 23L how often do you have to clean it?

Simone Newman says:

Your girlfriend did an amazing job decorating your tank!

SkydoesminecraftYT says:

Hi, I like a lot your video, what kind of substract do you have in it?
It is sand or do you have a substarct on the bottom?


Fish keeper Peace says:

Why fluva tank are all so small

Bobby Crocker says:

Tell us sth about LED mod, please.

we catch Santa! says:

it realy is not ideal for 9 tetras they require more space than people think

the can move —————

Thomas1980 says:


Merlino Ravelo says:

Lovely tank , got 6g too

RA1NF3AR-PS4 says:

can you remove the glass lid?

Sneeazy-Gaming says:


A Fox says:

Toooooo many fish in that 6 gal tank.

Jorge Marina says:

Hey, can someone tell me where i can get that log/driftwood thing?

Fife Whisky Lover says:

Can I guess that they are all dead by now? Your Cory died because it should be in a school, your tetras died because they need open swimming area. Your black neon tetras died because they need good shade with thick plant growth to ease stress and they all died because the tank is way to small and they couldn’t come up and air breath oxygen because the one air pocket that was in the tank was to turbid and blinding them. These are terrible tanks and Fluval are a joke, get an Aquaone aquanano if you want a small and cool office tank, get the 55l and put 6 microrasbora and a few freshwater shrimp in it only, put good floating plants in the top and heavy planting on the back half of the tank such as Hogwart, Amazon swords, sword grass, a hood few bits of drift wood and some java moss. For the first few weeks you will have to do some good water changes, watch a tutorial one Aquanano aquascaping.

Alex L. says:

Nice set up!

Josh Latham says:

Dose it have a heater

Stuart Gray says:

Using live plants instead of artificial will also help with oxygen release and will help your fish breathe better

Navid Vajdi says:

Is there any air Pomp ? 

yordi flores says:

I have the same tank but mines stay so cloudy what can I do to remove this cloudy look in my tank its been 3 days

Bass Legion says:

Does it come with all the structure inside? And where could I purchase this

Fabian Losmann says:

where you bought your Decoration?

Eric C says:

Any idea when the Fluval XV or Fluval 19 gal Edge Plant will be on the market? ( I know you have connections lol ) Here’s my Edge 6 setup https://youtu.be/3NhP_Mcs3lA

Shane M says:

Nice fish man, all in a days work worrying about them 🙂

Seascorp Scorpio says:

Wow pretty tank….Are the plants real?

Curtis King II says:


57sbautista81 says:

Check mine out guys. Tell me what u think. Thx

Mr KP says:

I had this tank once and when u fill the tank up with water it evaperates after a while the filter sounds like u havin a eternal wee

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