Fluval Evo 13.5 Gallon Nano Reef Tank: FULL AQUARIUM REVIEW

Hey Folks, come check out my full review of the Fluval Evo 12, 13.5 Gallon Nano Reef Tank. I go over my likes and dislikes about this tank as well as my plans for 2018. I can’t wait for January 1st so I can put some corals in this tank. RicosNanoReefChallenge2018. Happy New Year Everyone, Thanks for all your support.

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pelphrey says:

Tank looks great! The suspended rock setup is going to be killer! Happy new year and stay warm!

Nikos Ozmorio says:

What’s that light called?

Clint Wood says:

Another awesome video. Happy New Year Brother. Looking forward to more videos this year.

John Beltran says:

Photos of Patriots fan I’ll be drinking beer at 8 o’clock in the morning too Them Crooked cheating no good team haha

Fishing GrubbZ says:

That tank is looking great man. Can’t wait to see the corals

Mad Fish Diva says:

Happy New Year!

EDK ReefMeister says:

I was thinking of putting my nano in the garage, but afraid it was too cold. Its about 50░f in there though during the winter.

SlimJimmy916 says:

is the pump loud? like how quite is it?

Dr.Proteinman Mcgains says:

I really like smaller tanks. To me I rather have a nice 50 then a 120 gallon because I feel like you can appreciate them more

Denny Nason says:

Another great video happy new year Mike

SlimJimmy916 says:

do you think ill be able to hear it when i sleep because im a light sleeper

SharkBAIT RUDY says:

When are you setting up the big boy tank

Carpblood The River says:

Would be rad if you do a vid on adding the coral.

Orlando Angulo says:

You should get the skimmer for that tank.

Oleg Reshetov says:

Best wishes for 2018, dont get totally cold there! This december was very warm in my country, only few days below 0 Celsius kinda weird.

chuckthefreak says:

Dilly Dilly!

Melain Kinney says:

Evo Light only has three setting bright ,night ,off, that it nice light for a starter tank tends to to have one common problem it will get stuck on bright or night and never allow you to adjust it ( we ditched it also ). As Mass made clear the return pump is loud till it gets going then you hardly even hear it with the ps2 protein skimmer (which i ditched for a coralife skimmer ) the tank water level has to be filled no higher than the middle of the mesh at the top of the tank or skimmer just go’s crazy if you get the ps2 skimmer loop air hose over the lid to the skimmer .Aside from that its a sweet little tank for a very small environment super quiet .After you cram three tangs in there you cant fit any more Fish thou .. Do Not try even one Tang . .. We have just pair clowns anemone cleaner shrimp and snails and warren buffet our emerald crab ….Will add Fluvval replaced the bad led light no questions asked sent it 2 day shipping Free . Sadly the wife purchased a 75 over the holiday so she going to use the evo 13.5 now as emergency Quarantine Tank or Er Tank . its her hobby i learned long ago keep her happy life is better ..

Mitch Boudreaux says:

You might want to get you a screen top, you clown fish can jump out,I lost 3 firefish from jumping out

Sean Miles says:

I just brought this tank. This is be my first salt water tank. Can you share a picture of what you have in you filtration system.

Deon 0026 says:

Thank you so much for this video. I needed to see a nano running without a protein skimmer! Now I know it’s NOT needed

Damyn Killam says:

Happy New year!! Actually came to Boston from New Brunswick, Canada to see the new years celebrations, everyone’s beers were freezing at the pats game today.. made for rough times hahahaha. Love the channel and looking forward to another year of watching your tanks transform and all the tips you give to us newbies in the aquarium community!

robert manchester says:

Love what you do bro, same cold weather here in Michigan and my reef is in my finished basement that Is usually 60 degrees as well, anyway can’t wait to see the 120 when you get it up and running

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