Fluval F90 Fresh Aquarium Review

My Fluval F90 Fresh Aquarium Review

Very good kit from Fluval they have done an amazing job in build quality & can not recommend these tanks enough.

Dimensions 90cm length 35cm deep 45cm high
Hight with stand 130cm

Any questions just ask
Thanks for watching


Max Wilson says:

whats it like having an open top? this seems strange to me. its noisy enough with a lid on. but maybe the noise is less with an external filter. and fish tanks can smell – but maybe thats the smell of grime in the lid.

masonj19 says:

A few questions about my fish for this Aquarium, I have 2 angels 2 blue gourami 4 platy 5 blackskirt tetra and a bristlnose pleco. In your opinions am I overstocked and do I have room for anymore or am I spot on? I dont want to max the bioload, I want room for mistakes like over feeding.

XtremeReedy says:

Cool review………….what is the quality & finish of the cabinet like and is it sturdy enough………..I have come across a few reviews which say they are prone to wobble……….thanks

Andrew George says:

Thanks for this review, bought mine on that basis (second hand), you’re spot on about the filter also, it is under powered. Tank itself is extremely well made and just the most solid cabinet I’ve ever seen, its so thick that it quiets the filter hum well. It is the best 128l on the market IMO, oozes quality.

dee singh says:

hi bud is this tank still running?

Dan Max says:

Thank you, the stand is solid and well built, and the finish is nice also, very well made and does have a more high end feel to it, it’s simple but works, in fact it’s a little over kill for the tank really, on carpet it could be because most the weight runs front to back on the ends and has a centre piece also.
I had mine on carpet and it was thick pile with a 10mm underlay and to keep it level I placed two round bits of plastic the size of a two pound coin at the front and it was perfect. They would be a wobble when empty but get your level right and then just add water in stages, let the tank settle and as the tank fills it becomes solid. On a hard floor you would be fine.

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