Fluval Flex Aquarium

The FLEX aquarium series provides contemporary styling with its distinctive curved front, and comes equipped with a silent, multi-stage filtration system and remote control LED lighting that permits over 80 color options and special effects.
FOR MORE INFO: http://bit.ly/2hjLuk4


Logan Eggel says:

getting mine today, can’t wait!

matthew o'dea says:

hi fluval who do I call my brand new roma t8 light canapy wont work its not the buls as I tried them in an arcadia 15 watt starter and they work iv not ever ran these lihts still waiting to get more décor to set it up I need to call fluval can I get number please

11panos04 says:

Why is the led 7500k???i ve always thought and i was told that 6500k is the best for plants

Dave F. says:

That heater area is all wrong IMO a water change will leave heater out of the water it should be at bottom of the filter system other then that its a sweet looking setup

Innessa916 says:

Will the blue light setting work with glofish?

666baraka says:

those vents look pretty big. surely shrimp or small fish would get through they bottom ones especially. would no come up with a mesh cover or something to prevent that

Bruce Byrnes says:


Braidyn Phinney says:

I have the 15 gallon and love it but I have an issue with my nano fish and cherry shrimp going through the slats for the filter on the bottom of the tank. Any suggestions?

QuantumDeath says:

i got one for christmas, best aquarium ever the lights are beautiful and the filter is large and performing. the curved glass makes everything pop out in a beautiful way.

Pro Challenger says:

hi I have a question, my male betta has his fins ripped but it’s not fun rot. is it possible that the aquarium did that to him?? I would appreciate an answer so I don’t have to worry thx ..

Corona Animal Hospital says:

I purchased the 15g and the M50 heater as the video suggests, but the max water line of the heater is two inches from the top of the heater, which means that there has to be at least 2 inches between the top of where the tank water is to the hood. From the looks of the video, Fluval doesn’t seem to do this, and submerges the heater deeper than what the heater instructions recommend. Is it ok to keep the heater in higher water, above the max water line marked on the heater?

Makayla Crenshaw says:

I just got mine today and I love it so much, my favourite effect is the storm one!

Guitar T says:

where can i buy the small one, hurry, tell me

Pietro Fera says:

Hi, I’m from Italy and I can’t find this tank here!
Is it non available for Italy?
Will it be available in reasonable times?

JTB Reptiles says:

Green is not a primary colour! Looks like an awesome tank though – no ugly filter, heater, bulky canopy or water line!

Abcilidef says:

can we make a marine aquarium in this?

Tyler P says:

I used a large sponge to fill in the first chamber, where the water enters for filtration. I found that the stratum I used in the tank would fall into the chamber- especially when the BN pleco would mess around over there! also, in the 9, where I have shrimp and nano fish (scarlet badis), they easily enter the slots, and, though they are fine back there, they are difficult to fish out, and you just don’t get to enjoy watching them! I think it’s an Aquaclear 110 sponge I used, for both, cut to fit, or you could use a new Flex sponge… or, even just use the first chamber for the media, though I like the idea of having double the media, anyways.
that’s my only complaint about the tank- the lower slots are a little TOO low. I’m not a huge fan of the lightning effect, or the colored lights, other than the moonlight, but those are options you don’t have to use. I love the tank, the look, and the integrated filter, as well as the ability to hide the heater(of course, M-series fluval in both!).
I’ve sold quite a few of them at the small pet supplies and fish shop I work at, and always recommend the extra sponge…

Eric West says:

hi I’m a big fan I have the flex 9g and I have the 15 on its way now the question is do u recommend the 15 as a good tank for a betta fish ?

tony kirkby says:

worst tank I have ever owned, fish get in the filter constantly, flow to high, light is rubbish. save your money and get a better tank

Adrien Audrey says:

Can the 9 be used for tropical salt water (clown fish to be exact)

David Paison says:

This tank is way to small for almost anything I would want to do, but it looks so damn nice.

Graziella Piff says:

qui va me l offrir

Forrest Cook says:

Is there any sort of timer available for, or that works with this tank lighting? I work long days, dont want the light on allll day but I’m concerned a traditional timer won’t work because of the remote.

BANTA77 says:

Is thier an adjustable flow control? Would love to get one for my betta but he needs a very slow current

Al B says:

Storm effect…. really?

Allen Johnson says:

iv just looked at this tank and love it it’s on offer for £60 at pets at home in the UK I don’t think id ever do the storm one the fish would freak out and it would stress them to death.

Jason Martin says:

storm effect??…

melissa rodriguez says:

i just bought one YESTERDAY and can somebody PLEASE Tell me how to get a replaceable remote?!?!?! My brother broke my remote

DeeGeeDee says:

Does it matter what way the pump is installed? For example, in the picture you show, the slats and the tube are on the left side – would it matter if they were on the right side? I don’t mean compartments, just the actual pump. Imagine flipping it round to face the other way.

Bethany Ward says:

How much does this tank weigh, assuming it has no water or substrate? I’m looking for a tank that’s easy to transport

Ocean River Aquatics says:

Can I use this for saltwater

ImEthan says:

ive got one of these tanks its the best tank ive ever had

Wobbe gong says:

10 gallons is the max aquarium size in my apartment, how many gallons are those tanks

Aerith Gainsborough says:

I just ordered the 15 gallon. Is it safe to use sand style gravel or will it be sucked up into the filter system?

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