Fluval Fresh Aquariums

The sleek Fluval Fresh Aquarium and cabinet set makes an attractive addition to any home or office. Equipped with LED lighting plus the Fluval 06 Canister Filter and M Heater, concealed in the cabinet, for exceptional performance and a pleasing aesthetic experience.

To learn more, visit: http://www.fluvalaquatics.com/ca/freshwater/aquariums/


Guitar T says:

hi tom, this is tom, i just got another fluval setup, the chi 2 5 gallon….beautiful…..trying to grow and maintain some anacharis….but would you please, please, tell me where I can get a small “dwarf” alligator snapping turtle to swim amongst the anacharis

Alex Ivanov says:

Hello, again..
All we have here is PETCO but we all know that’a not an independant pet store. I googled pet stores in my town. I think there’a only one, and I’ve never been there. It is called Fishtopia Inc and the reviews of the store are bad. You guys should put in on the market here. It will sell like a hot bread 🙂 I’ll see what I can do with the information you gave me. Thank you.

Panthera Press says:

I’m really interested in this tank, can anyone tell me what the back looks like? I wanted to put this in the center of a space where it can be viewed from both sides so I want to know what the back looks like.

lucy890694 says:

Can the fish guard be removed easily ?

Rubeus Hagrid says:

Everyone beware. I bought the F90 and this video is misleading. They are using a different light, and you are not able to use the fish guards that come with the system, and they do not have a workaround.  So if you are going to spend $900, (in my case the F90), on this system,  just understand you cannot use the fish guards despite what this video is promoting. This video should be removed, or updated to reflect the changes they made.

3578lehcar says:

What’s the difference between the “F” and “M” series?

Daniel Plume says:

Hello I live in the uk and want the fluval f90 but I want the black cabinet as I have seen of the 2014 m series aquarium .

GunstarGizmo says:

Why do you have a lighting system that’s rated for 10Gal on your 15Gal? Also I think this aquarium is a bit deep and narrow for most fish species. You should’ve made it shorter and wider instead of trying to match the height dimensions with your other aquariums.

epicRMiddleton says:

I just wish it was cheaper.

Roberto Coin says:

OK so why are they not available in my area which is Las Vegas.So can you tell me who sells them here .


Tin Goose says:

Is there a plan to start offering the F90 or the 29g wide premium kit in the US?  I’m looking for my next addition and I think the F90 or 29 wide would fit the planned space perfectly.

Dragon Wrasse says:

I hope to see a video on the new Fluval Flex! It looks awesome, Ive seen it in person at my local fish store, its looks unique.

GhoulsN'Glamazons says:

So can you get this tank without the cabinet?

II TEZI II says:

Does it have the easy water change feature?

anthony Pope says:

i have just bought the fluval fresh F60 i got all the set up for £299 should of been a lot more

Ellen Hofer says:

I just totally cleaned out my 55 gal freshwater tank which includes at 305 canister filter and a 110 AquaClear hanging filter.
Besides the fact the 110 has a very annoying rattle that I can’t find to fix, I have had a bad experience with the 305 and now am kind of scared to put it back in.
the last time I cleaned it, it started leaking during the night and we had water everywhere.  Now I am basically afraid of it. 
First question.  Why does the lid get so tight on the canister that I cannot get it off.
Next question.  I am currently cycling my tank with only the 110.  How should I set up the 305 with the correct media to start with? 
the fish that were in the 55 gal tank are in a 10 gal holding tank and are really needing to get  back to their home.  Everything is all set up, plastic plants, carefully boiled bog wood, gravel and decorative rocks. 
There are so many media’s that I don’t really know where to start other than the bio filter things in the top tray (of 3).
when I talk to guys in the big box stores I get different answers to the same question.
I need some help.
Thank you for your informative videos.

I Was Here says:

Fluval are a terrible company to deal with. Stay clear

Nick Hall says:

Wish they would make the flex series like this ….

Evan Stepowany says:

are you able to obtain a replacement lighting kit for the f90? i got a used one, but they kept the light and arms.

VVH says:

That’s a nice looking tank, especially the stand. Most aquarium stands are so ugly. But shame there’s no fitted lid. I need to not just keep the fish in, but also keep the cat out!

matthew o'dea says:

hi fluval iv got a qesion I just bought a fluval roma 90 online from swelluk its the older model it was ment to be a black set with slver handels n liver tank trim but its oak on te tank and has black handels with white tri on cabinet it looks tuip I contacted swell they wont help me can I buy slier tank trim and sliver handels from you by any chance I payed £300 for a miss match tank or do u have a number I can all I’m a fluval fan everything I buy nw is fluval from tanks to heaters airpumps media ect please can u reply to this

Alex Ivanov says:

Hello, I am really interested in this aquarium. I really wanna buy it. I checked who’s the closest retailer and It’s Petco. I checked their site, but they don’t have “Fluval Fresh Aquarium” Is there any chance to buy it from somewhere else, or call someone and order it? If It’s available in the US, where I can find it. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, btw. And If I don’t get that aquarium, I’ll become crazy, and It will be your fault, lol 🙂 thank you

Evan Cantrill says:

Hey Tom, may I ask what plants you got in the one one the right, would really appreciate it.

Rafał Dexik says:

no sens this flora not grow up in this light, bul shit , to many cash for this ,

Undertow says:

will these eventually come out in the US ?

Roberto Coin says:

Also where can they be purchased here in the states and where , I live in Nevada

epicRMiddleton says:

I have heard that there will be a 29 gallon fluval edge. Is this true?

LoveJackieK says:

Amazing system. Love it.

Fluval Aquatics says:

@ReBootEnzo, thanks for your comments, we value insightful feedback from avid hobbyists like yourself.

Roberto Coin says:

Does a heater come with every model

lucy890694 says:

What is the diameter of the ribbed hose that comes with the F 90 aquarium ?

Big Bear says:

Whatever happened to products like the Fluval Chi, Fluval Edge, or the Fluval Speck? Will you guys discontinue them?

Stephen Deraney says:

will the f60 provide enough light for high light carpeting plants?

Mals Aquaholics says:

I was going to get a Fluval flex but youve just changed my mind . I love this tank ! Very sleek minimal lines and perfect for an aquascaper . Are you shipping to Uk yet ?

Michael Barnhart says:

How do I get my hands on the F90? Seems that no one has them anymore.

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