Fluval Spec: 5 Gallon Aquarium Review

Here is a brief review of my Fluval Spec 5 gallon aquarium. Don’t forget to comment and please feel free to ask questions. Thanks for watching!


David Puente says:

How’s the tank been holding up?

Debasish Tarai says:

what is that Budha statue made up of?

P Dahl says:

That’s a beautiful tank.

jane doe says:

this looks great! i put my own tanks together and probably saved a little bit of money, but only because what i bought isn’t great quality. i see some of the starter kits out there with the cheapest flimsiest filters and often no heaters and i guess they’ll do the job for a while, but this looks like you’re not going to have to replace everything in a few months. thanks for the review, it looks worth the little extra money!

bloodtone9 says:

I like your video on the fluval tank . subcribed. keep up the good work.

Carolin Moorhouse says:

Thanks for sharing. Like how you set up your tank…looks great! Also like the frosted and lit back. Checked out Amber’s Aquarium but find the way you did yours more appealing.

Pluma the Fluffy Dragon says:

I’m a beginner Betta keeper, could you perhaps give me a little tutorial on setup and upkeep of this tank? I plan on getting it for my current fish, a lone male, and I plan on some day keeping live plants in it. If you need, I can list a few I plan on getting.

Wallywutsizface says:

Very helpful review. Subscribed


Girl I swear you the one that made me buy this tank

kamikazeboy91 says:

Sry but a big thumb down for the amazon bullshit …. sry, still like your fishtank !^^

Eric C says:

Any idea when the Fluval XV or Fluval 19 gal Edge Plant will be on the market? ( I know you have connections lol ) Here’s my Edge 6 setup https://youtu.be/3NhP_Mcs3lA

Cody says:

that’s a beautiful tank! and the plants and buddha inside look great. where’d you get the buddha?

Calin Schueller says:

Just got this tank, what kind of plants and dirt are you using?

Maria Victoria Vindas-Lopez says:

I got a Fluval Edge Compact 25w as per Hagen USA recommendation I but the heater like everyone else. I called Hagen because the water was not heated at the pre-set temperature at 78 degrees by at 73 or 74, the lady a customer service says the heater so go in the main tank of water and not where the output pump is; or not Fluval Edge compact 25 watt. I wonder where everyone placed the heater will burn the pump, my thought anyway.

Abdu3LG 13 says:


Jayson Ortiz says:

Got mine for $20

Ultimate Metal says:

Can you take off the top to get a net in?

Blahblah says:

I’m considering this model for a Betta, and I was glad to see your wonderful setup housing one. So the low setting on the pump isn’t too much for the Betta? I read they don’t like currents. Thanks! Great video, and thumbs-up! 🙂

christina weeks says:

where did you get the Buddha statue in your aquarium? Love it!

Maria Victoria Vindas-Lopez says:

Does your Betta get struck on the top skimmer

Eryn Goudy says:

where did you get the statue??

Cody Carr says:

Great videos! How did you set up the back lighting?

casey childs says:

Thanks for the tip! It’s greatly appreciated! I can’t wait till I open mines! I got the black one. On my way home to open it now!

Megan Rene says:

Are those real plants or fake ones?

Ashia Fehr says:

I loved the video and it was super helpful! I just wanted to tell you that bettas don’t really like light, but it is totally up to you! The tank looks amazing and I love the Buddha statue, so cute! Thanks for the review! <3

CichlidGuy915 says:

I was thinking about getting one of these ill probably do it now! great video!! stop by my channel and let me know what you think and on the way out subscribe back if you’d like… thanks!

Katie Ryan says:

Hi! I have this tank and my snail keeps getting sucked into the filter intake at the bottom of the tank. Is there a way to prevent his amorphous body from being sucked in? I feel terrible for him and am so concerned that he will get stuck one morning before i leave for work and be hurting for 8 hours before I get home and it also prevents the tank from cleaning itself because the water isn’t being filtered. I tried cutting part of the sponge and putting it against the intake but he still got stuck again. I need to secure something to the side of the intake where the fish swim, rather than where the media is. I’m not sure how to secure something here though. Might you have any ideas? Thanks so much.

TheInfernoGamer says:

Measurements plzz?

Missy Woo-Woo says:

I also bought this tank a while back. Flow was also too much for my Betta. I found several videos on youtube where the tank had been modified. Some had put holes in the filter tube. but I decided to do what another person had done, and that was to removed the black plastic divided, and add a filter which my Betta prefers. Makes cleaning a lot easier too. He’s very happy, and he has more room 🙂

Sector 001 says:

Beautiful aquarium! The heater placement is genius.

Kay D says:

your voice and commentary is so sweet and easy to listen to!

Nilan Wellala says:

every think OK but Don’t use Buddha statue in side the tank.

mtc6887 says:

i just bought one for my betta its a nice 5 gal tank

Eszthel says:

Does anyone know where I can get this exact same light online? Just the light… I’ve been looking everywhere! 🙁

Denise Pollitt says:

I absolutely adore this tank set up. It’s simply gorgeous tfs.

Dani Antonia says:

what kind of heater do use for this? I’m looking for one that will fit in with the pump but is going to work well with heating the tank

TheChapin241281 says:

dont keep heater like this without suckers ,my first fluval spec got cracked had to replace it i had my heater exactly same way inside tank side glass didnt make it

Claire Dilly says:

What heater do you have? I’m getting the same tank and I’m worried about getting one that will over heat. Thanks!

cathedral94 says:

Love the statue in the center.

Sauce 87 says:

the pump is way to strong for a betta

Randy Henniger says:

Great video. I’ve been agonizing over my purchase decision for a larger tank for my betta, Moby2. This tank was on my list and thanks to your video, it is the one I’m going to buy. Thank you and wishing you and your pretty betta good health!
Randy/Folsom CA

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