Fluval Spec Nano Aquarium Tank – A Truly Innovative Nano Fish Tank

For More Info: http://www.bigappleherp.com/Fluval-Spec-Nano-Aquarium-Kit

Nano tanks do not get much smaller than this or cooler looking. The Fluval Spec Desktop Aquarium Kit is a 2 Gallon tank with integrated filtration and a full spectrum LED light.


Katrina Meppelink says:

The only thing that really disturbs me is that they cannot pronounce “betta” correctly. If your entire career deals with aquariums, fish, and the like, you would think that they would learn to sound less ignorant.

As for the dwarf puffers, 3 would be about the max you want to put in there. Just keep in mind that they are a little nippy at times, and are not as “low maintainence” as some other tiny fish, especially in their diet. However, the Spec is a great speceis nano tank. 🙂

fleejay806 says:

So wrong to put a fish in that two gallon tank. Would be good as a shrimp tank

Eurocore says:

Wont those puffers need more space when they grow? just wondering since I’ve been always used too inch per gallon rule does it apply for nano tanks?

Doug Young says:

@BigApplePetSupply no more than two and thats pushing it they’re messy little fish

Rosalie Brady says:

My fish store sold this to me for my betta. He died!! So I went back to them and again the told me this was the perfect tank for a betta. I thought the current was to strong so tried to slow that but the switch on the back of the pump does nothing (that I can tell?) I have since done a little research but this is the first I can find that says “this is not a betta bowl” ???? Can anyone help?

BigNastyreborn says:

it has a strong reef light

BigApplePetSupply says:

@pukapukalala13 Fake plant… yes.

Doug Young says:

@BigApplePetSupply dwarf puffers are fresh water…

Zsa Zsa Umbra says:

Steven, you would make a great newscaster.

NoMoneyLife says:

dwarf puffers are not saltwater fish they are fully freshwater , and they used fake plants because it takes more than that to grow live ones.

TopNotchTanks says:

What are you guys thinking 3 dwarf puffers in a 2 gal!!?!?! 3 Shell dwellers??!!

pukapukalala13 says:

was that spec aquarium saltwater cuz it has dwarf puffers but it has a plant? un less the plant was fake but PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!

Nick Brown says:

Hey, I just purchased this tank and I was wondering what freshwater coldwater fish would be good for this tank? I was thinking of getting 2-3 or maybe even 4 depending on the size of them. Great videos btw

BigApplePetSupply says:

@techcrazyguy Just a few.

Powerman2442 says:

@Sayhk I think “bay-ta” and “bet-ta” are both acceptable within the hobby.

BigApplePetSupply says:

@nsteck Yes, 2 is a bit slight for a shelldweller… we would agree to stick with the 5 and 6.6 Fluval Nano tanks.

vangsplakat says:


For a 2 gallo, I wouldn’t keep more than 3. They do get territorial, I don’t care how “cute” they look.

BigNastyreborn says:

@TCKfranco they only grow like half an inch but green spotted no go

ZiggyHungga says:

Perfect for betta fish!

BigApplePetSupply says:

Betta die without a heater, we have several that have done very well without a heater. Generally, heaters are not necessary for keeping Betta.

Frank Stevy says:

Heater ? everything you need ……………

BigApplePetSupply says:

@Someth1ngF1shy 10cm – perfect for these tanks! Thanks for the compliment on the videos

namezryan says:

@FeelinGipper a cougar, MILF:P

BigApplePetSupply says:

@TCKfranco Dwarf puffers are perfect for nano tanks of this size

NebularCacti says:

this is exactly what i was looking for.
~not so hard to set up
~everything comes with the tank
~everythings built in with it
~its a small aquarium

halfmoonblu says:

I don’t think any aquarium kits come with a heater, at least I’ve never seen one that does. Buy a heater separately, an 8 watt should be fine with this tank bc it’s so small.

Nick Brown says:

This is a decent tank for a betta, but its recommended to have 5 gal for a betta, but this is way better than what most ppl have. The reason your betta probably died is because it is a tropical fish, and lives in waters where the temperature is 24-27 degrees C. Also, use water conditioner, betta water conditioner is a bit better for bettas (obviously) but normal water conditioner is fine. Also, just because you have a filter, you still have to do water changes. Good luck 🙂

BigApplePetSupply says:

Disagree, there are species of fish that will do nicely in nano tanks.

dell1940 says:

My tank fluval spec 5 gallon  does not rest fully on the table  in the middle of tank i can see under neath it   but all four edges touch the table  can this be risky to keep it like that i have a flat table dont now why its like that ?


These are the smallest puffers available, indian dwarf puffers only reach bout an inch when full grown and are completely freshwater

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