Fluval Spec V – 2 1/2 year aquarium review

fluval spec 5 gallon aquarium update.


Amanda's-Aquarium says:

Far too small for tetras imo, mines swam all over my 6 foot tank

Amanda's-Aquarium says:

Nice tank though I’m looking at this for my betta

Jasper Geli says:

If you don’t want to upgrade your tank or remove your fish, I suggest that you add dense plant as this will increase fish stock/capacity and lessen the “overstock look” (which is very noticeable to viewers if you don’t have many plants) but still let an open space for the fish to swim freely.

anthony Pope says:

Hi I have you seen the all new revamped fluval spec mine as better LEDs 7000K out put very bright and it’s touch light you touch once for white and blue and once again for blue and the filter as honey comb sides so you can’t see filter media the honey comb is black they have revamped the the small spec and the long one like yours and the fluval flex is out of this world it comes in black or white and it’s remote control and thunder storms and the spec comes in black or white I love all three I also found out you can get this box from a company in the USA called in tank you take out your black sponge put in this box and you can put in sponge bio rings carbon zeolite what ever you want in it’s about £40 to buy plus £16 postage if you have time check out the fluval flex

John Smith says:

Isn’t that… a tad small for those guys?

Alice Ready says:

Ive heard that these lights arent the best for growing plants? In your experience do you think this light would work for growing various plants other than the one you have?

Auronfan02 says:

dude do your fish a favour…put them in a different tank…overcroweded … perfect for shrimp or betta but not for neons :/

Laurent Lieser says:

Poor tetra, an so boring life… So boring…

fishtastic luke says:

what fish do you have all of them pls

casey childs says:

I like the drift wood of your tank. Thinking about adding any plants for the tank? I have a fluval spec v tank as well. My tank has a Greek theme to it, should should check it out.

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