Fluval Vista Aquariums

The Fluval Vista aquarium kit comes equipped with seamless panoramic edges, an integrated soft-start LED, powerful multi-stage AquaClear filtration and much more. For more information, visit our Website at http://bit.ly/1IEgNNa


steve foy says:

a very cheap and nasty aquarium

Transient Yugen says:

How come the 8000k led light can’t support high light requiring plants? Isn’t 6500k the good minimum plant light level for more complex plants?

Julio Mella says:

No instructions about removing the cut off to place the filter through the hood. Do I just snap it? I am afraid I will break the hood

THE CURATOR 83 says:

please help all you expert fish keepers… im new to this hobby and i set up a 45 gallon freshwater tank in mid June and i did not cycle the tank before i added my fish… we’re now in July and I’ve been doing frequent water changes because my ammonia and nitrite levels are high…. my nitrite is like at 3 and ammonia i think is in the harmful range….. so Thursday i decided to get a bottle of dr tims one and only live nitrifying bacteria and i added the whole bottle Thursday evening….. i checked the water the next day and everything was the same and made me very frustrated so i decided to add a little prime seachem to detoxify the ammonia and nitrite…. maybe that was a mistake…i hope my bacteria didn’t die… so its now Saturday and my levels are STILL THE SAME!! i am so frustrated after spending so much to keep my fish happy and it doesnt seem to be doing anything…. so now im only left with doing water changes and feeding sparingly once every other day as recommended by fish store owners….. my fish totally seem happy..very active and always hungry so …im just confused and frustrated…i want the best for my fish … oh and i have all cichlids… one oscar.. 2 africans… 1 Jack dempsey and a convinct and firemouth… can someone PLEASE HELP ….. I’ve done everything i can think of…

FR says:

Seriously guys why can’t you make this available straight from your website ? I would have purchased months ago !


in my language vista means chicken

hector ortiz says:

Link to purchasing this 23 galon kit ?

Ryan Brooke says:

Hey fluval assholes you fuckin jewd me out of water conditioner with my vista. Cheap fucks!!!

eddiesky says:

I see the kit comes with the water filter and heater, what about the air bump? thank you.

Eugenio Vazquez says:

Can you add more LEDs to that canopy for more plant growth

Abz Hama says:

Lovely tank!! Can you set it up for small marine fish and live rocks?

Lushiano Fajardo says:

forgot too ask is the fluval vista led light replaceable?

Jovial Joe says:

I would love to get this aquarium but it is too small for more than one goldfish. 🙁 Please make it in a bigger size like a 40 gallon. Thanks!

Vien Ton says:

i have the 8 gallon version, could you perhaps suggest a HOB filter? because the one in the video is probably too big since the tank is 23G

Born Free says:

Just got the 16 gallon from Petsmart today! Last one on clearance sale, good deal.

Michael Agostino says:

Nice looking products. Too bad for me. I live in Southwest Florida (specifically Estero, Florida) and nobody in my area (30 mile radius) carries your Aquariums. Well, I should specify, nothing over 15 gallons that is. So, I don’t expect to see any of these new aquariums at my local Pet Smart, Petco, Pet Supermarket anytime soon. Also, just checked, not available on Amazon.com.

Biggest disappointment is that you cannot order direct from your website, you have a wishlist option available. Why? if I can never order direct from you? Again, too bad for me because I’m in the market for 3 new tanks and love the 16 and 23 gallon options.

Mr Cee says:

I know the decor is fake, but i like it and would like to set up my 23gallon like this one. Does Fluval sell these exact items? Also, why not allow direct sales thru your website. I guarantee increased sales!

Dave OG Miles says:

acrylic is it

iam jacks complete lack of surprise says:

can u grow plants with that one strip or add more leds to the lid

Jolki3e says:

super ese acuario

Ranjit Nair says:

Where Can I buy this? Can’t find this in Petsmart, Petco or online in amazon. I live in Jersey city, NJ. I already own a Spec V and I am looking for a 16 or 23 G

JJ Aquariums says:

this tank is cool

Steven Royer says:

Is this glass or acrylic

KoMar551 says:

can someone tell me if stock light is ok for live plants?

Lushiano Fajardo says:

I’m looking for a fluval vista 16 gallon tank , but it out of stock?

Eugenio Vazquez says:

You should make your products more compatible with your other FLUVAL products , sometime customers love to upgrade what they have (LIKE FLUVAL FILTER , HEATERS & LED) on their FLUVAL tank , compatible is the key

Ruthlyss Targaryen says:

I picked up the 8.5 gallon model, it’s great! Beautiful design and really functional. I want to get the 16 gallon model and use it for raising fry!

Ruthlyss Targaryen says:

Hi Fluval, I’m looking to buy the Vista but none of the pet/aquarium stores in my area that sell Fluval products carry the Vista model aquarium, and they’re not available online. How can I purchase one?

Born Free says:

Nice Aquarium!

KoMar551 says:

hi tom – i currently have a small 5gal tank and i am absolutely in love with this piece – the only problem is i dont see any links on your page where i could purchase it. are there any retailers in northern NJ that sell it? where can i get it online? thank you.

David Perrin says:

How many tank have you on the market

panvil says:

engineer main?

how can i build level 3 sentry in fish tank !

Jo Paul says:

i just checked with one of my near (far) store Marita GA, and they don’t have Vista.
how much it costs for 8.5gal kit?

Lisa Brabson says:

Hello! I finally purchased a Fluval Vista 23 gallon deluxe aquarium kit, and I love it! I wanted to ask you if it would hurt to put a piece of leather,across the cabinet top,then set the aquarium on that? The directions did say to never insert a lining between the cabinet and the aquarium. But what do you think? It is a thin piece of leather. I want to make sure before I set it up permanently. Thank you very much,Lisa

daveydangr says:

Beautiful aquarium! Take my money!

ethan davis says:

Would you reccomend a 16 vista or the 15 gallon flex

Alisha T says:

+Fluval Aquatics Hello Fluval Aquatics, I tried going to a local store of mine that was listed as a dealer on both Fluval and Hagen websites and was turned around when I asked if they could special order the Fluval Vista 23gal. The manager and staff told me that since it was not sold on their website they are unable to order it in. From what I have researched and heard from other customers that have purchased this, I understand this is not true since they are listed as Fluval dealers. Could you help me with this? I would really like to purchase this kit.
Thank you,

Glimmer Carlson says:

This is such a nice tank. Where can you find this in Canada? Toronto area?

2coolcats1 says:

Great video! love the seamless front less area to have leaks

Lushiano Fajardo says:

how long it takes for fluval vista 8.5 or 16 gallon too change there filter

Neon Tetra Aquarist says:

Is this a re-upload?

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