goldfish living in a bong | Fish Tank Review Ep. 5

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Mr. Krabs says:

Fish for Thot

Megalon Fan says:

Nah don’t worry Chris, 3:17 I believe that’s a rhino pleco and he shouldn’t be getting much bigger than he is now. Plus theirs plenty of food for him to chew on, I think he’ll be just fine

Jugs Mc bulge says:


Kain Planda says:

The Water didn’t get hot but when she smokes her weed with tobacco the nicotine will sadly kill the fish on short or long therm… By the way that the Bong is way too small for such a fish. Just throw this bong shit away get an Aquarium and a Vaporizer cause vapo’s didn’t have a fish input option that pretends pothead to insert their animals -.-‘

Keanan Connor says:

Amazing Aha

Philthy Tanks says:

I love the idea of the fish tank rating. Keep up the good work

Cassandra Ortiz says:

Where do I send u this pic of gold fish, angel fish and a pleco in like a so called 30 gallon tank smh I saw this pic on offer up ??

Noah’s Turtles says:

2 questions:

1: why do drugs when ur so young?
2: who the fuck puts a LIVING ANIMAL in a BONG?

DeathbyPixels says:

We should start an awareness campaign about how fish are actually really difficult to keep properly so peoPLE STOP TREATING THEM LIKE KNICK-KNACKS INSTEAD OF ANIMALS

Lando Polaroid says:

1. Bong water is gross enough
2. Imagine the taste of smoking fish ass
3. What dumbass puts their fish in a bong and then puts that pic on the internet

Some people are so disconnected from what the internet is capable of whenever they upload something controversial.

Davis’ Exotics says:


Draven The Tranny says:

And people wonder why their fish die so soon

Jadoe Hustles says:

Can we get a saltwater Video please

flipflopsneeded says:

Horrible and fish can carry some insane disease but that’s on them.

Steve Koernig says:

The fish with the pleco is a pacu

Victor Fox says:

5:40 how did you not notice the freshwater clam?

Nigel P Chesterfield says:

Really good way to get salmonella

查爾斯 查爾斯 says:

Damn this is sad

Joshua Hutton says:

Im having a bad day my tropical fih tank recently got a huge viral infectipn and its killed all my fish rip my fish

Sharon Fiti3 says:

How’d they even get the fish in the bong?

Cheyenne stitches says:

as a stoner and fish mum, this horrifies me. fish aren’t decoration y’all

Turbo Cichlids says:

April fools

Kirk Mccabe says:

tht silver dollar fish needs a 75 gallon and atleast 4 to 6 other silver dollars with them

FlyingIntoTheStorm says:

Poor creatures, living with assholes. Why do some ppl have such a low level of empathy?

Aquafin3_ IHas says:

My man was playing Minecraft music remix in the background

Bailey Lawrence says:

Anyone hear the Minecraft music

Krysten Lopez says:

Wow this is so stupid..

Jwolfs Scapes says:

3:21 that’s a rhino pleco they don’t get over 12 inches usually

daylan yokota says:

who uses wii music still

Fish Season, W/ Zac' Ti'szen says:


「0'イチゴ」 says:

Instructions unclear goldfish in tank with betta

Brownie Swirl says:

WHY just why

Silverfox M says:

Reported this video because of the thumbnail the fact you would include that picture shows what kind of person you are…. despicable… Will not be watching anymore from you

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