Green Killing Machine – Review

This is a review of the “Green Killing Machine” UV sterilizer for aquariums.


MothraVsTheWorld says:

you sound like Mr Rogers. Wont you be my neighbor?

Paula Smith says:

I added mine in tonight after I had the same problem you just had. I had to move my Aquarium and I cleaned my substrate. I think that may be the reason my water turned green. I did two water changes in hopes of clearing up but no such luck so, I had added my GKM in hopes it will clear my water up.

Kameo Hosley says:

My tanks always get an algea bloom within 2 weeks of set up but in 3-6 months it simmers down and I get only a little bit of algae every week. That being said, for some reason the algae spiked again (I have now had this particular tank for 3-4 years) so I got one of those. Cant wait for it to come! It is for only a 10 gallon but I dont know how else to get rid if green water and the other stuff without daily water changes, which I dont have time for.

Richard Slocum says:

What a great video

Itz MitchMitch says:

How many gallons is your tank? Mine’s been running for at least 3 days now and I haven’t noticed a difference in my water. I’ve got a 29G long with only an Oscar, a plecostomus, and two mystery snails. That’s it! Worst algae bloom of my life. I decreased lighting from 12 hrs a day down to only 6 and have had my blinds closed for days. I set it up correctly and the light on the system is still green. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

Kameo Hosley says:

Great video.

Jennifer Malu says:

I got mine today, it wont turn on at all, sonething just be willing with the pump.

David Swartz says:

My tank has the exact same problem right now. I’ll have to check this out.

tarzan12052 says:

do u think this will work in 75 gallons? or should I get the higher watt 1?

TheVirajster says:

Love my killing machine….one question. After one day of great pumping, it dribbles after a day. I have to unplug it , then plug it 1 day later, still a mild pump. PLEASE HELP

jpthsd says:

that thing in the tank looks creepy!!

vd79 says:

so against which algae type does it work?

Freddy Pe Ga says:

Thanks,i have bought a sobo uv-009 yesterday and install after around 16hour,the cloudy has gone..superb!

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