Hanging Fish Bowl!? Setup + Honest Review

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Service Dog In Training Chopper says:

Why do these still get sold? They were sold when I was kid but that was the 80s and 90s. This is 2019! Also, Seaworld! Have you seen “Black Fish” on Netflix? You will never, ever go to Seaworld again! A beta really needs 5 gal to be honest. I had 2 in two 2 gal plastic “aqauariums” when I was a teenager (the 90s) and they HATED it and was so not active as Betas normally are and were pale in color. In regards to the water, I did everything right. A filter, a heater, water conditioner, and reg water changes but they were so not happy! Please keep your beta in a 5 gal or bigger or don’t get a beta! They live in shallow areas in the wild but those swallow areas span miles and miles! Thank you for being awesome Tyler!

Skandranon50 says:

seachem prime is 2 drops per gallon, for any of you guy who have smaller tanks

That Bowler Hat Guy ASMR says:

I mean, I’d put a couple of marimo balls in one but putting a fish of any kind in there would just be cruel

Stephanie Akabutters says:

I miss mango

Spivey C says:

This product looks terrible. I might consider getting one for my plant? I’m not sure what else would fit in it. Thanks for the great video!

Okay Sav says:

Uhh? When I first saw that I was like you are putting your fish on the wall? Like…what?!

ร̈σ̈û̈l̈ ówò says:

I used this for one minnow. Used plants and natural water, worked well, but still don’t suggest it for Betta fish or gold fish, die very quickly (my brother used his for a gold fish he had)

But yeah, still have mine, i just use it for one minnow or two

LJ the snail boy says:

god that is so tiny.. it would be perfect if you wanted to just pit like some rocks and a plant in it. but i could not put a fish in there good god

Bev Emery says:

Love this video!

Chibi Glaceon says:

A single shrimp would love it in there

suzy sanker says:

Bro keep it there but put Java fern or water spirit.it would honestly be cool af

Tyler Rugge says:

I hope you guys enjoy this video! Once again huge thanks to opinion outpost for sponsoring! Check it out here: https://www.influencerlink.org/SHMN

Kachow says:

Honestly I feel like it would look pretty to just put some rocks and water in it and maybe a fake plant but I would never put a living creature in it (and also I wouldn’t want to support this company with my purchase)

Mariah Zeh says:

My friend got a beta fish and keeps it in a tank similar and when I saw I was like “ummmmmmm you gotta change that” and am now giving her my spare 3.5gal

Reptiles, Fish, and More says:

Would only be good for some kind of water plant that can grow out of it and drop down and spread out

Holly Crawford says:

Thoughts on this for leeches? with no heater and less objects

RedringHD says:

You look depressed in the thumbnail…

Zoe Qazi says:

You should put a rlly skinny snake in ur ear hole and just let it hang

Cry Sharp says:

Ill make it into a setup for a bug

Pam Ziolkowski says:

I love that you call them fish prisons! So true. I would be terrified the whole set up would fall off the wall too.

adela gomez says:

That would make a horrible fish tank! BUT using it as a hanging PLANTER for pothos or plants in water would be cool!

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