HEXBUG Aquabot Smart Fish Review (REAL FISH TANK DEMO)

HEXBUG Aquabot Smart Fish Review (REAL FISH TANK DEMO)






Damir S.G. says:

I wish these things would have some kind of proximity sensor so they wouldnt make a constant annoying sound by hitting the glass of the bowl or the aquarium.

Jay Nolan says:

Nice blood parrots:)

White CD says:

Is that safe for the fish? I have a 12year old goldfish that seems quite board because he’s all on his own, would this work as enrichment?

darkmomkey 1o1 says:

you have to tap the aquabot to take off the air bubbles so it can stop sticking to each other

Rishit Kotian says:

battery life?

MaxPandaaGaming XD says:

Awww they are so interested by it

Gabe Sevilla says:

omgsh the fish are having so much fun they dont even know what is going on LOL 🙂

NANO-Nils says:

everything from Hexbug is cool, but the fishes from HB need more painting xD

No One says:

Robofish is better

Rakhi Sameer says:


Downfall Dolfy says:

“Ooh look at the fins on that one. She’s mine”

Amber girl says:

Lol blood parrots. ..they are trying to eat them

Dimitri Petronov says:

Dude that tank looks like it’s what, 20 gallons? Maybe 25-30 max? The amount of fish you have in there is wayyy too much for the size of the tank. One fancy goldfish requires 20 gallons MINIMUM. It looks like you dont have a fancy goldfish though, looks more like a common goldfish, which requires 30 gallons MINIMUM. Since it looks like you have 2 commons and 2 other chiclids, you should really have a tank size of AT LEAST 75 gallons. What you’re doing is abuse in a way, that tank is WAY too small for all those fish. Those goldfish may look small now, but they can grow up to a foot in length (they most likely will only make it to 8-10 inches, but it’s POSSIBLE for them to make it to a foot). Also, chiclids and goldfish aren’t even compatible. Goldfish are coldwater fish, while chiclids are sub-tropical or tropical. Goldfish also are never meant to be in a tank with any other species but their own kind. Sorry for sounding like a dick but what you essentially did is equivalent to keeping 2 lions and 2 tigers in a cage that’s too small for them. They are 2 completely different species with different needs and should be kept in different tanks. What I suggest is either selling the goldfish and just keeping the chiclids in there, or if you really love goldfish sell ALL the fish and buy ONE fancy goldfish instead. That tank is honestly not even big enough to hold one common goldfish (one fancy goldfish could be comfortable in it though). If you want your fish to be happy and healthy you really should invest in a bigger tank and separate the chiclids and the goldfish, or you should just get rid of the goldfish all together. Common goldfish require rather large tanks and that tank just isn’t big enough, not even for one, let alone two. Im not saying you’re a bad owner as I assume you didnt know that what you’re doing is cruel, but you should really invest in a bigger tank if you want what’s best for your fish.

skygaming 00 says:


SK Scout says:

Aqua bot + fish = curious fish



Legit GamR says:

I have a 6-inch-long goldfish that got big enough to eat the other fish…. He might like one ;3

Luke Barry Jr says:

Creepy guy in the shelf

owen75 says:

haha the real fishes were so confused 

David Forehand says:

there trying to mate when there stuk to each ohther

nhs2008NC says:

5:38 What the F happend there!

MsEndBoss7 says:


CourtneyBehm says:

in robome review + MALFUNCTON the malfunction part in that video was scary so i did not continue the video.

Pilot924 says:

They were mating.

Javier Alonso says:

It can’t dive

Cool Cooper101 says:

They were supposed to do that, that’s how it catches it’s prey

Rachna Thapa says:

hexbug is technology and robotics expert

Craig Dirty .Dority says:


the diamond ore says:

That’s amazing!!!

Tyler Gaskell says:

They added different magnets that actually repel slightly when they get close. I have four swimming together right now.

AmosNomore says:

Attach 3 treble hooks and the muskies are all mine!!

Raiyanblader says:

lol the parrot cichlids were like ITS MINE! NO ITS MINES! xd

T@wesomE says:

Man those fishies are freaked out when they wached that,i spoted a special edition of those with glow in the dark paint.I think i am gonna grab one of those eventually.But they are not work that well in the wet,oh well you can’t win them all i guess especially the water.

Benjamin Smith says:

Your chichlids are beautiful. I have a few blood parrots myself, but wow yours are looking great

Tim Salt says:

Red dwarfs becoming reality lister of smeg had 2 robot fish leonard and mcartney named after the beatles


the hexbug advert brought me here , by the way great review short and to the point .

Ian James Fowler says:

what a cool idea, fish must get so board but with this toy they could keep themselves amused all day .

Robo Fried says:

Love the fishes response to the robot. Like wtf?? What is it.?

um gui says:

those two aqua bots are trying to mate. too bad, would be a money saver. 😀

Bill O'Brien says:

The normal aquabots can swim together but the shark has a magnet to simulate it catching the fish

HunterKiller says:

Real fish is much better!

arturo balvino says:

I might buy an actual aquarium just to put one of these in

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