How-to Setup a New or Used Aquarium / Fish Tank

I’ll walk you through setting up a new, or used aquarium / fish tank in this video.


Raider Rocha1974 says:

nice video. How do you get rid of those nasty hardwater scale?

jabba the frog says:

You don’t cycle the water?

mark brinton says:

nice work, I grew up having multiple tanks, haven’t had one since I moved out at 18, your video makes me want to go find a nice used tank like that and get back into it. Great video

ADIK Discus_Aqua_Pless says:


Rosie RosieRosie says:

I’ve always wondered why tank water is so cloudy at first. Do you know why? Is it just all the bad stuff in the water?

videos _ says:

when did u get ur first fish plz reply

Bullets Forteeth says:

No chemicals? You are OCD! I use dawn and CLR to clean my tanks, been using it for years, have never had a problem, and my tank is crystal.

Andy Hatfield says:

I’m struggling to figure out the best community fish for my 100 gal. I had 3 tanks 20 years ago with ocars. they were fun. I want a more peaceful tank now. what would you recommend? Low maint! Trying to get my kids into it. I started it but made the mistake of putting a bully red tip shark in. Of 20 fish he is the last of 3. Time to start over. Trying to stay under $100 for fish

Aquaranha Haack says:

how big is your Tank 150x 50×50

anthonygprisco says:

Nice vid ! Check out my latest reef tank video !

Randy Jarrett says:

awsome bro. you got that thing looking brand new. how many gallons is that? if its a 120, thats my dream tank but i dont have the room right now. I’m looking at a used 90 that I will be doing this same technique on.

Lyric Hipster says:

What do you feed them mate?

Juan Ramirez says:

i use vinegar for cleaning the heavy stuff then rinse it with hot water like crazy cuz vinegar does leave some kind of residue if u look carefully with light.

Miguel Chavarria says:

That’s pool filter sand right

Trust No one says:

i just got a big tank…£25 bargain.

Sawyer Schmelzer says:

Someday I really hope I can have as many tanks as you. Very cool! Great deal on that tank too. Lucky Lucky!

Craig D'Attilo says:

nice tanks, nice fry, nice trick on the backround, been in the hoppy many years, never knew, that you could do the backround similar to tint and it will stick! love it, going to try it out on my next tank setup, not worth retrofitting the exiting tanks (three of them). thanks

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