Jardin xy- 2008 Economy Corner Sponge Filter Review.( Ideal for Betta tanks.)

The Jardin Economy Corner sponge filter is ideal for 2.5 to 10 gallon tanks. They are great filters for Betta fish tanks and quarantine tanks? The flow is gentle and the water is aerated. It is also easy to clean and maintain. I also use one in my 20 gallon long tank. The filter works using an air pump. We use the Tetra Whisper, it is very quiet.

Jardin Corner Filter http://amzn.to/2kTuXGn
Tetra Whisper Air Pump http://amzn.to/2kTlz5t

Website: http://www.lifewithpets72.weebly.com
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Daniel Just says:

Love this product, only thing is it floats up? Any ideas on keeping it down

small dog says:

Why does mine blow gravrl?

ari555 says:

I got this filter and it chugs for some reason… it doesnt aerate consistently like in this video. How do I fix it

Daniel Just says:

How often should you clean the filter?

Storytime says:

Hello, when the filter works in a 10 liter tank, then the bubbles create a strong wave of water that does not like the bettas, I do not understand how it can be suitable for betta?

catdragonrose says:

when you recommend using if your chemical pad turns color? like what should i replace it with? i guess i could buy something and just cut it to shape.

Josh Lymbo says:

Those sponge filters look really cool! I’ll have to keep my eye out for ones similar.

Michael Wells says:

Short and to the point. Now that’s the way to do a review. Thank you.

Charlene Campbell says:

I hope you see this…. I’m currently treating my betta fish for ick and I have this filter, do I need to take this flirter out? Or is it okay to leave in the tank.

ray B says:

Just ordered two of these for my split 10 gallon Betta tank! I have an aqueon quiet flow for my tank right now and the current is horribly strong for one of my bettas. The one that’s away from it is fine but my other guy is probably major league stressed because of it 🙁 his back fins are all torn ) no fin rot, stress coat is constantly in the tank. I’m hoping this will solve the problem.

cherika gamble says:

does your fliter make your tank cloudy

MikeeThe Gamer says:

Is this good with a 3 or 5 gallon betta tank?

InfamousKiller11 says:

I want to get or make something similar to this sponge filter…. however I have a 20gallon tall, with a 20gallon tetra whisper air pump for said tank, would this model of sponge filter be okay for my Betta fish?

Prasad Phoujdar says:

I have this filter… but oxygen or bubbles coming out of fliter are decreasing day by day…each week I’m cleaning this filter…But still bubbles are decreasing

Fred Ra, MT-BC says:

is the filter loud? quiet?

edwardsdeacon says:

Just a thought, wouldn’t it be more conducive if the the course filter pad went before the fine filter pad. That would allow for better filtration and a longer time the filter can actually clean the water between it needs cleaning itself.

jade says:

Do I need an airstone as well? And do I just connect the tubing from the filter to the air pump? Or do I need a check valve or something else?

bebebutterfield1 says:

I have 7 of those and they do work really good. I found that the small ones are basically the tops of the large ones. I had my husband drill tiny holes around the bottom of the small one so it picks up debris from the bottom as well as the top. Love them, can’t beat the price!

fave alex says:

what type of tubing did you use? I ordered one that was too small 🙁 (I also couldn’t quite see which brand it was clearly)

Youn Kim says:

So, is this actually able to suck in gunk from the water column with proper air flow?

Joseph Borges says:

Great video Lifewithpets! Your the best YouTuber ever!

Purplesnowball 13 says:

Do you like the one you currently use more than this one? Or do you like them both the same? And as far as water movement, (my betta seems to really struggle against basically the smallest of water movement) which one makes less? I hope that makes sense lol!

Rebecca S says:

After watching this video, I bought this filter and it has worked great in my betta tank and actually is cool looking! However, it has been 4 weeks now and the white layer is getting all gross and orangey looking even with rinsing in aquarium water. Is this something that can be replaced (I saw you mention pollyfill in your DIY filter videos) or will that mess with the bacterial filtration? Also, do you put the white part on top or the black part? I have seen it both ways and I just wondered which works best. Thank you so much for your helpful videos! My betta is looking great!

Robbin Yahood says:

Would two of these and a sponge work for a 29 g thats heavily planted?

AmerZing 96 says:

How do i clean sponge/corner filter? I’m new to this hobby(1 month) and i’m scared to clean my filter coz i might do something wrong. I now noticed my filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned but how (proper way)?

Calvin Thomas says:

Great video. To the point, great voice, and quick. I do have a question though, where do you find replacement sponges….or do you have to buy sponge media and cut-to-fit?

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