Jellyfish Art Cylinder 5 – Nano Moon Jellyfish aquarium unboxing setup and review

Jellyfish are very easy pets that provide a relaxing living lava lamp type of look to any room!

Jellyfish and Tank sources:

Essential accessories:
Chemnipure blue
Brine Shrimp Hatchery

After having my 2g JellyFish Art nano tank and Jellys for about a year and a half I decided it was time to upgrade to the new larger 5g model! I added a few more jellys from Jelllys to make a total of 6 which look amazing in the tank! Moon Jellyfish are one of the easier types of jellys to keep and a great starter jelly.

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miaka183 says:

Looks great!! Thanks for posting!

Aaron's Aquatics - A² says:

Great looking tank man!

Marine tank journey says:

Great looking tank. Would love jelly fish

Terence Fugazzi says:

I will admit I jumped around the video, but I thought this was about moving your existing jellies into the new bigger penthouse tank? Then I see the new shipment. What did I miss?

missy28996 says:

Where did u purchase the tank at

Heathen Hammer says:

Great, now I have to get this!

J B says:

How long do they live?

Jose Morey says:

Maaan! Now I want one! Didnt know thia exist!

Micah Rayburn says:

Your videos are extremely informative and fun! I’m hoping to invest in my own kit soon. If you end up doing a giveaway with the old setup, I’d have my fingers crossed!

prolificbreed says:

I didn’t know these existed. Pretty cool.

Lisa’s Aquatics says:

So amazing ! Really enjoyed this video Thanks for sharing Dev!

Aqua Splendor says:

That Tee shirt at 9min, so funny 🙂
The video was really good, i didn’t even want to skip (hehe 😉 🙂 )

Jose Morey says:

Questions here man,

How you handle the top off? You need to do water changes, and how often? How often they need to be fed? Thanks in advance!

jerry ebner says:

keep us updated on this pls

DiacanthusReef says:

That tank looks incredible, glad the jellies acclimated well. (P.S. The music was perfect as usual)

Doug Anderson says:

Great videos. I’m curious about what you like about the 5 gallon versus 2 gallon tank? Curious if there are things you like about the 2 gallon better? What do you think are the most important factors to consider between these two tanks? Do you like the flow or movement of the Jellies more in the 5 g or 2g?

Rhett Herring says:

Only tank my wife has ever been excited over.

Tina's Reef says:

Did you add the ones you had to the new tank?

Inappropriate Reefer says:

This is awesome, and props for keeping the jellies for 1.5 years!

WaterSpriite says:

Now I REALLY want to get jellies of my own. Thank you so much for doing this, since there aren’t many jellyfish care and tank setup videos out there at the moment!

plootsa says:

The wife would love the jelly fish

Tom Allan says:

Love the jellyfish t-shirt. Where did you get it?


Super sweet

cggGamer12 says:

Please do more updates whenever you can! I also have a question. I only have one jellyfish in the jelly cylinder nano 3. He use to be so big, but now he shrunk and just won’t grow. I feed him powdered food and live baby brine shrimp. He is fed once a day always until his stomachs are full. The water levels are fine.

Jose Morey says:

Perfect! Thanks!

Sydney Heim says:

Are jellyfish easier to care for than a regular reef tank?

Sharkman7 says:

Hey devin , saw that at reef a palooza .. cool to see it up and running. I think you said you do your own brine shrimp hatching , how time consuming is that? And do you feed everyday?Just curious due to not always home.. I do have phytoplankton going and have found that very simple, actually have to much lol. Would like to start doing some Pods soon. Anyway I digress looking good, and look forward to some updates

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