KMART AU – Starter Kit Aquarium Unboxing

Here is the unboxing for the KMART AU Starter Kit Aquarium. Will go over the tank setup as well as the filter and what you need to ensure you have a healthy tank.

Please ensure that you clean all the products from the KMART AU Starter kit in fresh water. Don’t use any detergents.

Also, head over to your local fish shop and purchase a water ager for the tank before set up.

It’s best that you fill the tank and let the water ager and filter do its work for at least 4-6 hours before putting your new fish into the tank.


William Kok says:

Crazy deal I got it and threw out everything but the net and filter (for back up) now it houses a Betta fish

CJ Herbie says:

I was just wondering what order the inside of the filter provided for this tank goes? I have purchased this tank and took the filter apart to clean and mistakenly hadn’t taken a mental note of the order it goes together and can’t find anything on the net to help me.

coconutbead says:

great video and cute fish,but would not recommend putting any goldfish in this tank.goldfish need a large tank.

aly b says:

how much

Kate's Channel!!! says:

Could you please give us a update on your fish? And did you have to get a bigger tank? Thanks.

edstar83 says:

Not a bad little tank for the price.

Denisha Kumar says:

Hi how much of the water conditioner did u put in?

Robert Hastings says:

I’m curious – what type of fish do you have in that tank? Nice vid btw

Chloe Funk says:

Hi, what’s the difference with the filter above the water line and below the water line? thx!

Mousy Books says:

hi there, I just subscribed to your channel and would love to see if you could make some videos on your fish tank setup. And one question are your fish still alive and healthy. btw I think this tank has great value for its price 🙂

DUB.REXY21 says:

Thinking of getting one for myself, just a downside of no lights. Thanks for sharing

Chloe A says:

I purchased one of these tanks today from kmart. I also got the 3 pack of fake plants from the same section, you were definitely right about the amount of pebbles and i wyish i had got some more. But its a good littke tank to start with for my kids who have a fascination with fish atm

Kate's Channel!!! says:

Wow great video I’m thinking about getting this’s tank too! Best quality video I’ve seen on people reviewing this tank. and are your fish still healthy and alive ? Thanks

Alistair Hansen says:

Hi there, do you still use the stock filter or have you got a different one? Cheers.

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