Marimo Moss Balls unboxing and review For Your Aquarium or Aquatic Habitat Plants

Get your own Marimo Moss Balls:

Marimo Moss Balls are a great way to add to your aquarium habitation with living balls of moss/algae.
They compete with nutrients that algae needs and therefore reduces growth. Marimo Moss is actually a form of algae and it will grow nicely in temps below 78 deg. F. There are Marimo Moss Balls that are over a hundred years old. Growing approximately 5mm in diameter per year. Long lasting and pleasant to look at in your aquarium or other aquatic habitats.

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Daniel Weston says:

Great review – however is cabin fever must be getting to everyone in the Northeast . . .

Trixiegirl88 says:

Never heard of these guys. So, you are now the tech guy that has the modern day Ark! 🙂

TimsInGeorgia says:

I didn’t know they existed, thanks for the education.

Danushka Yuohan says:

I like the background music

Alter Egos says:

Great video once again. I’m a Saltwater Reefkeeper Hobbyist myself and don’t have extensive knowledge about fresh. This was quite interesting to watch. With salt you want to try and maintain a “Green” free tank. My guess is these balls help with oxygenating the water as well as add to the decorative value to a fresh water tank? Very interesting! Great video again and the only thing missing was you didn’t show the entire tank! Only a small section where you placed the moss balls. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel hybrid says:

Nature is so beautiful and amazing.

Michael Vuong says:

Cherry shrimps love these

anna123 says:

You have a very nice fish tank, Fred. I like these moss balls, too, but I can only keep them in my tropical fish tank. My dear goldfish dine on everything …

Uncle Terry says:

Wonder if these would be to big for my ten gallon tank, I’m new to fish keeping, added my first fish today. Three zebra danios . Been watching your channel the last few days to pick up info on keeping fish, your cycling a new aquarium video really helped.

Thagirion9 says:

I love these. Funny I was just talking about these with Chris. I had bought some of these from Petco years back when I tired my hand at fish keeping. It was a disaster. I had goldfish and they ate all of them. So they had the nice expensive salad. I never bought any again. If I ever do just a water plant tank maybe I’ll try again. But they are very cool plants. You got some nice one. Hope your fish stay away.

Ninja Gregory says:

I really love the content from this channel, awesome quality.

Jake Shoemaker says:

Will my plecco devour these ? They are algae right

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