Marina 2.65 Gallon Goldfish Starter Tank Aquarium Review

Nice little tank. Wouldn’t keep a Goldfish in it or suggest it for a first tank. But with that said, I love it, a lot of fun for experienced tank keepers. Small is 1.77 Gallons. This review is of the Medium 2.65 Gallons. Large is 5.5 Gallons.


Rick Gillespie says:

@hoopalumpa Yes it is very strong. I didn’t know about the recall though. Mine is the same model.

Charlie Yang says:

Last time i checked Dwarf Gouramis need at least 10 gallons of water.
1 inch per gallon rule is complete bullshit.

Aaron Toor says:

Any goldfish needs 20 gallons each just for any comments down there

tye44 says:

I have a newer version of this tank that is 3.7 US Gallons (14 L) Do you think this would be a good tank for a temporary home for my yoyo loach and 4 tetra’s while i pull my main 20 Gallon tank apart to fix/clean the undergravel filter?

Rick Gillespie says:

I don’t use anymore. I like the Mini Clear filter about the best but it’s a little strong for this tank. Great for 10-20 Gallons though.

Brandon Langton says:

i have a baby black moor and a nother gld fish about 2 inches (black moor is about 1 inch) it says that it can fit 2 gold fish i am starting to doubt it is it right or is it too small

Javier Contreras says:

Hi, where did you buy your heater. It looks like a good one.

StealthyKunoichiAly says:

i got mine from petsmart today and it was broken in the box…. i wanted two fantail but that’d be way too small for them, even just one so… after i get a new one i’m gonna put two mollies in there. one question though… mine did come with a heater… did you get one and decide on another or did it not come with?

tye44 says:

I’ve also had issues with the filter when using it on another smallish glass tank that I have. I can’t get it to stay put. I have tried cleaning the glass of the tank and the suction cups before reattaching them and putting it in the corner for extra support but the whole system keeps tipping to the left with the two left side suction cups coming unattached. Any ideas on how I could prevent this from happening as your filter seems to be staying put just fine 🙂

springfield03sniper says:

There are those who say 10 gallons per fish, and also some people say 1 gallon for every inch of fish. I had a goldfish that lived for almost 6 years in a 2.5 gallon tank when I was 11 or 12. I didn’t feed it top shelf food, I didn’t have a top shelf filter, but I loved him and tried my best to take care of him and keep the tank clean. If you can afford it, get a 10 gallon tank and appropriate filtration. If not, try for at least a 5.5 for a short term solution.

Günter TV says:

i bought a marina cool 14 liter and i bought it to put my triops in it because they have got a little to big for their hatching habitat

Marie Chapman says:

your tank has to be a least 10 gallons for the fish you have

Jac Griffiths says:

That’s a dwarf gourami though?

Sarah Koops says:

Does the filter needs to be on at all times? 🙂

Daniel Ward says:

I put a goldfish in my memo tank and he’s been in there for about a year and I had no problems with him

Toothy Deer says:

There is a 5.5 gallon versions of these.

thereed1100 says:

I just got this one.. Should I put a Betta inside instead?

Perfectlyscience67 says:

@supras310: Any tank THIS small would never be good for saltwater fish, you need to be very experienced with aquatic marine fish to do that.

OMGxLuigi says:

@marcsoyeah goldfish need at least 10 gallon per fish because they produce so much waste or if you could get a pond but nothing under 10

Rick Gillespie says:

Don’t do it. 10 neon tetras should have at least a 10 gallon with a better filter. They are Tropical not Labrynth and 10 is way too many for this tank.

Omar Shihadeh says:

how do u install the filter??

JustSplasher says:

i used to have one

Hali Chackin says:

@reallink2000 well is he eating and clean the tank once a week

emma hymowitz says:

I have that one and I have to gold fish in it they have been livening for to years now

marcsoyeah says:

I have a goldfish that’s about 4 years old and he’s about 2/12 – 3 inches , it was my sisters but she got over it unfortunately and i took him ..however they have him in a 1.5 gal tank and i know he needs a bigger tank . How many gallons do you or anyone recommend ?

New American Fishkeeper says:

@xVenomMaster actually bettas and gouramis have a larynth organ, so they can breathe air. It is not called lungs. And if you are sure that is what they are called find an articale that says the official name is lungs, and email me the web adress.

Rick Gillespie says:

I bought my light at PetSmart.

ontheedge95 says:

That tank is pretty small for A Dwarf Gourami. I would not suggest putting one in anything smaller then a ten gallon. The “Rule of Thumb” is not a good thing to base on how many fish you can put in a tank, each fish has differnent minimum tank size requirment

NiGhTmaReoFanGels12 says:

i have 3.7G marina fish tank as a breeding tank for my white cloud mountain minnows -.-. also these tanks are to small for any fish to live for but its good to keep dwarf frogs or shrimps or even snails

Autumn Thorne says:

I have the same tank but it’s blue and has a hole in the top for feeding I am going to make a video on my channel of me changing the water probably on Thursday or friday

Darkshizumaru says:

That company does make a 5 gal in that style but I’ve only seen them on uk websites

hoopalumpa says:

Please respond is your filter marina model i25 a131 internal filter. It was recalled and i just found that out i was wondering if you found that it was too powerful for your fish thank you and please respond!

Rick Gillespie says:

About a week now. He’s doing good. I named him Labyrinth. I added a Roman statue background also.

TheNuggetThatCould says:

You need 20 gals for goldfish.

Jen Jung says:

How much was the whole starter kit?

hoopalumpa says:

@astrodroids The 2010 model of the filter was recall i had it running with my gourami’s in it and when i woke up today my gourami” bubbles” was caught in it i unpluged it now he’s floating a the top he’s breathing but floating at the top he’s got blood streaks on his fins too. He won’t swim he’ll bearly eat and he’s almost dead. Stupid filter! I had to give him back to the pet store and he’s in a tank all alone.. if he dosen’t recover the pet store’s going to kill him.

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