Marina betta aquarium kit review

This is my review of the Marina 1/2 gallon betta fish tank aquarium kit. Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it:)


Tykuinx ü says:

im getting a betta fish and this tank for it,

i do not know much about caring for bettas but i am researching on how to 🙂

any tips? and is this a good size tank for ever? and if not how long would u say to keep a betta in it?

CadeyRazor says:

is it ok to put a betta with a crayfish

InfinityPets says:

It’s a nice first aquarium but bad for for ever

ReviewCam says:

You can add more water to the tank, and perhaps a small plant. Be very careful carrying it though, the tank can easily separate from the base.

DigitalDollyEh says:

I have a question. one of my bettas he barely swims around. he chills in one spot for at least 4hrs, swims a bit then goes back to the spot and repeat. only time he really is moving allot is when i feed him. I am not sure what is going on. i contacted the people who had him before me and they said they had him for 2 yrs (im not sure how long he was in the store) and ive now had him for 6months ish. could be age a thing or is he bored/?

Frank TheTank says:

Please, kill the fish and put some snails into this small prison. Mayby you should buy a cat and stick it into it…

Donny7704 animal jam says:

bettas need a minimum of a 10 gallon tank please never buy this torture cube (what i call them )

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