Marina EZ Care Aquarium Review

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THE MARINA BETTA EZ CARE AQUARIUM offers you an escape from the stresses of your life by introducing a calming element into your everyday environment. Be it at the office or in your home, the chic and unique design of this aquarium adds a small piece of tranquility to any room . . . apparently.

In this video I give you my first impressions of the Marina EZ Care aquarium to see if it is suitable for a Betta fish.


Hair with Martha says:

I have a question, how often should I bath my Russian tortoise and for how long? Thank you 🙂

Pineapple Princess says:

I would buy this if it was bigger and was available in glass.

Graziella Piff says:

ma va fan culo

Win Aye says:


Jesse Jones says:

Blue velvet shrimp!

viridiana rodriguez says:

I agree it needs to be a bit bigger

Jesse Jones says:

Another possible species could be neocaridina heteropoda var. yellow (yellow cherry shrimp), as they are basically just red cherry shrimp, but yellow

Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish says:

$7.98 American at Walmart right now

Audio Garden says:

I’m disliking your video just because you didn’t put the background in .

Callie Desbiens says:

I have my betta in one of these for now because of an extreme lack of room and funds 🙁 I really wish they were a little bit bigger because I love the idea. Super easy and affordable.

Aquatic Angler says:


Magdziuk64 says:

Bettas come in cups anyways so I’d say a .7 gal aquarium is suited just for the appropriation from the fish from where he came from.

polen sourinphoumy says:

shrimp or snail

RM Aquatics says:

yes it is that small. it is way too small. bettas need 2.5g minimum… sigh

CollegeBettas says:

Very good review. My first betta tank was actually a 1 gallon tank with an under gravel filter (really just under gravel oxygenation), but it was only in use for a few weeks until I got a 10 gallon. I have always just kind of shunned this tank (along with any other 1 gallon or less tank), but after your review, it doesn’t seem quite as bad (they are adorable). There are really just two problems I see: 1. heating, I still have not found a safe way to heat anything under 2 gallons without an adjustable heater (I use a Hydor 25 watt Theo), and this tank doesn’t look like there would be enough room to safely use one (maybe instead of a heater, the room could be heated) and 2. the “filter” doesn’t really filter. My roommate had a similar tank that was smaller and the dirty water didn’t ever really get cleaned out with the under gravel filter, some would, but most wouldn’t. Even if it did work it would be best with no gravel because a fine gravel will not allow it to work, so the substrate they give is just about the only good substrate for the system, besides a bare bottom.
I think a larger version with maybe an actual under gravel filter would be good. Even just at 1 gallon, it offers a small footprint with more room for a heater. I am very happy the instructions mention a heater, though. All and all, a larger tank is easier to care for anyway, because there is more room for error, especially in cycling the tank.
As for stocking, I’m not sure of any animals that would really do well in this tank, but it would be good for some moss balls and may be interesting to put a tropical plant in. If you create a false bottom with larger stone it came with and then put mesh and soil above it, you would know when the plant had enough water when it starts to pour into the back compartment.

Abigail spectacular says:

does it come with LD lights?

karamarinara says:

Dude i thought of something else. Thai micro crabs.

Axel Partida says:

killifish or triops

Axel Partida says:

the triop one

Joyce Gentile says:

Marmio moss balls, that’s all!

Jonathan Monroy says:

Tank is not suitable for a feeder fish they need a least 2.5 gallon tank or more

Axel Partida says:

can u do the triops giveaway before Christmas

Myia Harris says:

I can’t get my water to filter out is the water supposed to be filled to the top

MyLifeInABottle says:

Hey russian torts…. so this question doesn’t relate to this video at all…. but I need advice, so yesterday I bought (really rescued) a Russian from my local petsmart. Um so I purchased the food (grass land russian tort food) that the store was previously feeding him, and I mixed it with his greens and veg. (kale, with red bell peper) Also j sprinkled calcium +d3 on his food, bur he just won’t eat…. I don’t know what else to do! Please reply I really need your help!

Brian Hubbard says:

russian torts …. Maybe a panda guppy pair with a small java fern. keep up the amazing work

living the life says:

I got mine for 9.99 at my local animart

Davie J says:

In Japan this tank comes in 0.5 and 1 gallon models. The gallon version is a little skinnier and taller. We Americans got the middle grown at .7 gallons.

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