Marineland 20 Gallon LED Aquarium – REVIEW

A quick video about my recent purchase: The 20 Gallon aquarium by Marineland.


Neill Jansen van Vuuren says:

Great video. You have the best marineland review video out of them all

Dukenumber102 says:

I’m sorry to hear you had to sell it… Good luck with the next one and by the way 4 goldfish is a ton In a 20g!!! specially if you are putting more fish in!! Good luck!!

RobloxFunnies says:

May I have measurements

Julinda Davila says:

I have a smaller version of that waterfall you have but mine bubbles at the top

Karl trembath says:

this kind line at least a30 our maybe just an illusion

lilcity 239 says:

where is the best place to put the heater on this tank

Krishnan S says:

Love your videos. Just bought the 20 Gal unit. Yet to set it up (In dilemma whether I should go for 29 gal or keep this) Your videos are informative. Keep up the good work

shannonfbc1 says:

you still love this tank?

Tmzeena G says:

does anybody know how I can fix the light switch on my Marineland Hood? the actual light switch to turn on the light it’s not moving anymore it’s stuck. I could switch it to the left or right if I want the Daylight or the night light and now it doesn’t work. someone please help I can’t find anything on YouTube about it

David Botts says:

Very nice I’m thinking of getting that tank. Just a side note: not being mean but the oxygen can actualy slow the plants growth, The plants need carbon dioxide. they produce the oxygen. Mainly the bubbles are to break surface tension to release harmful gas build up in the water column. It also aides in oxygenation which the fish need. just like people and trees, we inhale oxygen, exhale carbo dioxide. the trees “inhale” carbon dioxide and “exhale” oxygen. Are those plants a type of Hygro?

Joshua Jareol says:

their names are hilarious. lol

Ashley Roumph says:

So was the fish preggo?

Golden State Warriors Fan says:

With a Marineland  led hood is there any way to add a intake tube and spray bar since I have a Marineland c-series 220 canister filter on my 20 gallon

JJ Aquariums says:

what is the water fall called

Julinda Davila says:
SuperZandersmom says:

ha your like me.. have to wait to get paid to add more fish. sorry you had to sell it,, hope to see you setting up a new tank  someday

J. Orchard-DePiro says:

No I have yet to have any buildup. It really is a great tank all I’ve done lately is feed the fish

Rexluna1 says:

The fish prefer pitch black because that is what they naturally have at night

Justin2000 says:

Your landlord doesn’t even want you to have a fish tank? Lol what bs is that

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