Marineland contour 5 review

This is my review of the marineland contour 5 fish tank/aquarium. It’s a nice betta tank. Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it:D


Andre Mercado says:

are you able to separate the glass tank from everything else? looking to use it for something else.

First Massage says:

Does the tank make any noise?? I would be putting this right next to my computer desk so if it makes the slightest noise then it’s a no go. thanks!

Smexy Death says:

does it come with a filter?

EastCoast Arachnids says:

hi i just recently purchased this and set it up and now i have cloudy water the day after did u get this with it? if so how long did it last?

ashley Noff says:

I would remand a heater because like there water temperature at 80 degrees:)

Droodie says:

Keep it out of direct sunlight and you won’t have a problem with algae

justin hodge says:

I recently bought the Marineland Portrait 5 Gal from PetCo. I heard that it recently replaced the Marineland Contour 5. Though they look almost identical, how do they differ in comparison and contrast? Just Curious? Awesome tank btw! 🙂

Joseph Wiley says:

Hi, I just bought a beautiful orange veil tail betta and at the moment he is in a temporary 1 gallon tank but I want to get a larger tank asap i have been looking at the Aqua culture 10 gallon LED fish tank kit at wallmart, do you have any experience with aqua culture tanks?

Tyler Frank says:

Awesome tank! I have the same one and I love it! You should check it out!

Aquarismo says:

a beautiful aquarium, I liked a lot, thank you for sharing, I Subbed, visit my first aquarium, and give me your opinion

Fish'nFireworks 14 says:


Kate Skycamp says:

How many fish can it hold?

Lorranne Depeche says:

i am so irritated with this tank. i lost the filter and now its worthless.

ashley Noff says:

I will be getting this tank on Friday can’t wait yours looks great

Kevin P says:

Moss Ball will take care of that for you hands down!!

Hickster58 says:

I actually use to have the AC 5 gallon tank from Walmart. I liked it for my betta, decent cheap tank setup. I have a vid if it on my channel, if you wanna check it out:)

Erina says:

Suggestions on reducing current in this tank? It’s on the lowest setting and still too much for my beta

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