MARINELAND PORTRAIT 5 gallon fish tank

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Review of 5 gallon Marineland Portrait tank


Loretta Wattez says:

dwarf puffers would be awesome! bumble bee go bee

Lorranne Depeche says:

bettafish are the only fish suitable for this tank, sorry buddy. I have the same tank.

Mike Willis says:


Jonathan Bartlett says:

Are those live plants in there? If so, do they require significant maintenance? TIA.

Mitch Connor says:

Put guppies in there

Lenzone says:

You should put guppies in there

PsychoAxeMan says:

I just ordered this going to frag anemones in it.

jdtv productions says:

just a question: what is the point of getting real plants when you can get fake that look just as real and aren’t a hassle

james amanna says:

I just go this tank I like the way u set it up

TheOnlyBladesMan says:

put a few Cardinal Tetras, best colors for that tank setup. and a crowntail betta.

OMGAurora says:

Are you able to turn the flow down?

Erina says:

Anyone know any suggestions to reduce the flow for betta fish? Mine is constantly fighting the current. Yes, it’s on the lowest setting..

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