Metal Shelving – 40G Breeder Aquariums 3 Decker – Review

Edsal Shelving – $54.97 .

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H.C. Aqua says:

I’m scared after that

Bentley Pascoe says:

I have some direct experience with these shelves. First – I would never stack more than two tanks in these, keeping them short and not using the multiple legs. Second – the legs are thin and can get twisted/warped to where they will no longer be stable. I would never install this on carpet or any wood floor – if there is a little give in your floor, this thing will warp over time under the weight of a 40B and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Thanks for the review and you’re certainly right not to trust this thing – stay awesome!

Da Bellman Zoo says:

I know they are a pain in the tush to set up but we use them for our fish and lizards and absolutely love them we didn’t go as high as you did either but they hold the weight just fine!

NYGOLD says:

I put one of these together for my bride kind of like a pantry in out basement for extra stuff. I HATE the way the legs have to line up. My basement floor isn’t perfectly level and I noticed issued at the point where they are supposed to line up. I did attach the rack to the wall that made it much sturdier. Peace of mind is VERY important if you aren’t comfortable don’t use it.

Koryboy Aquatics says:

That stand suck I have in my garage but I will not put to much weight on them. For my fish room I bought the Home Depot rack and welded it back to make it the size I need then added 3/4 plywood. Your rack have particleboard which went it get wet will break. Sorry take it down!

Jason Reding says:

Great video – just found your channel. The set I purchased (from HD) came with little sleeve connector things that connected the two uprights rather than the horizontal pieces. Doesn’t necessarily add a ton more stability but definitely made me feel more comfortable. Have 2 x 40s + 1 22 on the top due to height restrictions


Love the building video bud…can wait till u move that wall

QueAquatics says:

These shelves used to come with couplings that tied the top and bottom together, I bought the couplings separate because I didn’t trust it either. I only went two high also

Rometiklan says:

The shelf looks really nice. Hopefully you won’t run into any problems that would require you to tear down any tanks. Question; are the shelves themselves made of metal or wood (the part the tanks are resting on)? I’ve seen similar shelves that have metal frames but wooden shelves, some even have cheap particle board which would warp and come apart when they get wet. Thanks for posting this vid, Jason!

lynskok says:

It fits like a glove I would build a wooden tank stand around the metal one for stability

KILOCTRL Drifter says:

I used these once, and I had a twenty gallon tank in two racks and I didint even trust that. I got rid of the stand after two months

b bardy says:

its looks good but having tanks that high is a problem when it comes to cleaning them and just too much mucking around on a ladder to get stuff in and out

Cae Walker says:

I saw that video that Paul the inventory king did and the shelving looked really nice. Thanks Jason.

Jeremy McReynolds says:

I bought this same product too. Was not happy either. The brackets would not slide all the way down into the slot. I think they where poorly cut and the paint was too thick. Even with some decent tapping/hammering with a mallet I could not get them to rest. Considering the tight space the tank would be in….. if the weight of the tank once full caused one of the corners to slide down and finally rest, it would almost certainly cause the tank to twist due to its own weight or put alot of pressure on one point. Therefore almost certainly guaranteeing it to either crack or shatter.

I just bought another from wal-mart too, same company basically, Edsal, just with brand name and the tank wouldn’t even fit pas the brackets. IT did have a piece tho to join the legs together instead of relying on the brackets to join them.

Pretty frustrated at this point. I’ve bought like three so far and they all have the same crummy, bad manufacturing problems.

Alan Pitkeathly says:

Wouldn’t trust those myself just look so flimsy and the way they go together would make me very nervous lol

tmdrpy says:


54Punchie says:

LOL! If you are a 63 year old single woman with just your basic hammer, screwdrivers, and cordless drill – these stands are an option. I found that if the tank does not sit on metal edges though, you need to throw out the Masonite and get some plywood cut to replace it. The stand will hold the weight, but the Masonite won’t.

DeFreese Aquariums says:

Looks good and a great price.

LAURIT311 says:

How much room between the tanks is there? Check these shelves out. They are much stronger and come in 36” and 48”. I’m using them for 40 and 75 gallons.Each will shelf will hold 4000lbs. Also the legs are all one piece not stacked like yours. I know these are a lot more money, but they are made much better.

Let me know what you think?

Pez Aquatics says:

Hi there Jason. I got experience with those shelfs, sometimes the rivets that hold the shelfs, come off especially when you tap them to set them in place. You can drill the rivets out and replace them, with machined screws or other kind of fasteners; it will make the shelf stronger. Also, I didn’t trust the second shelf on top, you could brace it with metal plates. A lot of people trust them, but me I couldn’t sleep at night. Great video, good Luck.

Anthony Ragan says:

I’ve considered getting something like this. What is the shelf board made of? Particle board? I’d be worried about water damage to it, unless sealed or covered.

Catfish Cave says:

Hmmmmmmm… I can use one of these at work… for work related things – ugh!

Caylor's Aquatics says:

I had to set the bottom tank in by myself, as I had emptied the tank to move it. Did it somehow. Like Cory. I made two stands out of one unit. and stacked 2, 40 gal breeders on each. So, stands for four tanks for only fifty or so bucks, Walmart. LOL I wasn’t doing vids back then, but mine would have been to sad and funny to post. lol.

Luis Rodriguez says:

Dude! You are missing the connectors!!!! It works great with them!!!

A.C. Aquatics says:

I have one setup for my breeding tanks. I would highly suggest looking into this rack instead. I bought it at Sam’s Club. It’s a Members Mark 48″x 24″ 5 shelf rack, 800lbs per shelf rack that has waterproof laminated shelves and does come with the couplers. $64.98 You can always use the extra 12″ of width for storage and who couldn’t use more storage. Mine is holding 2 rows with 4x 10 gallon tanks and 3x 20 gallon highs. If you do the math that’s more than 3x 40 gallon breeders. Thanks for sharing and as always Do what you do if it works for you.

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