Mini USB desktop aquarium review

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Flame122345 says:

This is inhumane

Karl Emil says:

Where Can i get it?

Helal Ali says:

where can you get it from kid?

James F. says:

needs more water

sMiLeY says:

the only thing id put in this is a couple of fucking brine shrimp or a moss ball, this is WAY to small for animals.

virusdeltetanos says:

faucet serves as oxygen?

Jacky Lee says:

Just checked, Chinese made! He should be put in this jam jar! What an idiot

Harmjan Hoekstra says:

How much celcius whil it heat up with the lamps on

viet rochman mudiarto says:

Do we have a filter in it?

TheLegit TUBER says:

its pretty cool i like it

Lone Wolf says:

They shud ban these, cruelty to animal’s.

Matthias says:

To small for two Fish!!

Kai Hyu says:

maybe you should take out the plant
since the aquarium is too small

Caesar Kraft says:

it is ment for shrimp!

Ethan Allen says:

That would be great for shrimp.

xBeeBeee says:

i want this tank so bad but why it has to be so small.. is there no possible fish that can live in this? i dont think so am i right?

Michael Ascott says:

the video is good and you’ve chosen suitable fish but this tank is too small for any fish

Bles Davis says:

and then

Tanner L says:

ill buy it if u wich to not need it anymore. i need one for a moss ball

zabi tanha says:

Fishing is not cruel but this is

Geelian Goh says:

If not fish can I put small tortoise? Can?

0welshboy2 says:

I think this tank might be quite useful as my baby guppy fry are out of my 1000 litre tank and in my 59 litre but the liquified fry food is quite messy and makes it Milky so I think this could be good to have as a back up even if it’s for a day as its small and heats easy so it’s good for the price even if you use it for a night so you can clean

garebear says:

This isn’t even good enough for one fish and this Retard put 2 in it

Madison Moreland says:

I feel like a lot of people misunderstand how much space fish like these actually need. At the very least a 2.5 gallon is suitable. The only thing I could even think to put in this tank is maybe a nerite snail or a single minnow fish. I suggest transferring your two fish into something bigger and placing a snail or minnow in there instead if you are determined to put this tank to use. There is a lot of hate on this video but I believe that this should be used as a learning experience, the kid can’t be older then ten just leave him alone and give him the information they need to take care of these fish successfully.

Paul Ressle says:

This is Nice! For this Little Fish is that o-K !

General Zod says:


AZI3623 says:

This is good enough for betta.. Before commenting about it, first see how they live in the shops.. They keep them in small plastic bags for over a week..

Bubbles says:

dude, this is way to small for any fish at all, like its actually cruel

Shiloh Shane says:

perfect for a beta

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