~ My First Tropical Fresh-Water Fish Tank Review Vo.1 ~

This is my new 2ft tropical fish tank, first ever in fact. This video is just an explanation of my aquarium. I’m obviously an amateur, though willing to gain skills ready for a much larger tank and expensive, extravagant breeds of fish.

My Fish Diet: Tropical Fish Food – two small feeds a day (cucumber once a fortnight for catfish)

Cleaning Of The Tank: I minimise the amount of times I change of the water to twice a month. During the water change I clean the gravel with the gravel siphon and only change 30% of the water. I have all necessary drops that’s required when changing fresh water.

Lights on/off: The Tank lights are only on between 9am – 9pm. Giving the fish time to relax and sleep.

If there are any tips which you think I will need, please comment. Thank you x


Diztrix88 says:

Thank you =) x

richard wickman says:

i have the same ship wreck as you lol its cool.nice set up by the way.

Roxy Morgan says:

What size is your tank?

combatwombat975 says:

Its not a catfish its a pleco

Alex Harrison says:

Just to let you know, that catfish is actually a pleco and can grow to probably the same size as that ship

samuel ortega says:

That’s not a catfish its a pleco so you no what it is

silence17761 says:

hey thats molly fish?,,i have some aquarium freshwater i like fish freshwater subscribe my channel 🙂 thanks

verrrr1 says:

how do you get the bubbling effect? it’s so cool

Aaron Coleman says:

Watch my video of my fish tank

Tiny budgie says:

Wow I have the exact same background

CavKea Lime says:

you need more subs.

Brendan Pittman says:

How many litres is this tank?

Fishmaster Nick says:

Nice video.

Hey it would be really awesome if some of you could stop by my channel.
It’s about Fish!
Thanks in advance.

marius ghita says:

I like your beginner tank

Mike King says:

I like ypur fish they are so cute

Rastislav Ferenc says:

How is it obvious you have a larger angel fish haha

irishhiphopman101 says:

very nice tank how much did this setup cost you

Anaïs Liette S says:

the dark orange one has really big eyes

MrFish131 says:

Actually that isn’t a catfish. It is called a Pleco, or a type of sucker fish. And the sunsets are sunset Platys..

Harman Kaur says:

What kind of fish do u hav

Columbus Watts says:

How many gallons?

Infamous Aquatics says:

Great tank. Glad the tamp is getting under control.

irishhiphopman101 says:

i like your accent

Will it slice : The Ellis brothers says:

Love your work would like to see your future stuff plz subscribe and checkout some of my videos.

Diztrix88 says:

I’m buying a 3ft fish tank next month, so a new video will be made to show it off. I have learned and changed a lot since this video was filmed =) x

Diztrix88 says:

Hey guys! Feel free to check out my latest uploads so you’re all up-to-date with my tanks =) x

theCOINguy says:

That’s not a cat fish

Dan Warman says:

Nice fishtank setup.

Diztrix88 says:

This might sound daft but I’m not too sure = I was hoping somebody could tell me with a 2ft by 1ft x

joe joy says:

wow , you have a very similar tank like mine

twigwest7000 says:

nice tank i got little vid of mine if u ever wanna check it out

Anaïs Liette S says:

did u name them

winxlover〈377684 says:

Are they salt water fish?

Stacy Tillman says:

I know your new at this but that catfish is a plecos and they get 12 feet and longer sometimes and angel fish can get large to but not 12 feet your going to buy at least a 75 gallon tank for that plecos

Anaïs Liette S says:

i have tropical fish
loads of tetras

urbancrafty chickie says:

That is not a gold fish. It’s a red minor tetra, and both him and ure neon tetra need to be in school with more tetras

Charlie Burton says:

Do the angel fish not try and attack the other fish

Tom Leavy says:

the orange ones with the black fins are plates

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