Unboxing a nano aquarium for a Betta fish. The Imagitarium PRO Delux Freshwater Aquarium 3.7 gallon kit.
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Barbara Jackson says:

Nice tank! I bet your nephew will love the new tank and betta!
I have my eye on the Penn Plax 7.5 Radius tank. A little bigger and no sump, all tank. It comes with a small internal filter, which I may or may not use. It’s more expensive though, the imagitarium is a great price!

fish tank arowana fish says:

nice video

Tristan Lam says:

Mans got a Leatherman wave, man knows what he’s doing

Young Thug says:

Bro I found this tank on the side of the road

HopArt Studio says:

Great new tank . Love the betta

Shelley G. says:

Thats a neat little tank, Now I want one LOL. Love your goldfish tank. Goldfish are fun to watch, they are always so busy.

Earth and the Wolves says:

I have a three point five gallon tank for my betta

Ray Ray says:

Where can I Order fish off line

Carmencita Vettori says:

How much was the whole set?

Melissa Berry says:

It turned out awesome!! He’s going to love it!!

travellife08 says:

Hi Bob – I’m the person that suggested this tank to you in your other nano viddy. I just lost my betta that I was keeping in this aquarium and am considering breaking it down and totally removing the back sump area. I saw this done in another viddy and it looks relatively easy to do. That way I can use a HOB or sponge filter, either would be an improvement over the existing filtration. Thanks for covering this tank.

bebebutterfield1 says:

Thanx Bob. I was actually looking at nanos this morning on Petco site. I might run down there and grab that one. I have 10 guppy fry coming next week and want to keep them quarantined for a week. Any excuse to buy another tank…that’s life in the fish lane.

Tarzan TheApeMan says:

Hey! Do you still like the tank?

Hello, Hannah says:

Your personality is great, just subscribed.

jordan gutierrez says:

topfin is trash, and sadly, what is affordable

KryptoKat Kloe says:

Im gonna be getting this tank for my new betta that my mom is giving me. She knows I love fish and my brother hasnt been taking care of the betta that he got…. So IM GETTING IT His name is Pinkie like the demons from Doom. Your review saved me I was gonna get the topfin tank XD

Barbara Walker says:

Great video I love your goldfish and your hoody is it available to buy?

Patricia Kloeppel says:

that betta was gorgeous

tattooraptor says:

Be warned! A betta can and will jump out of the little feeding hole in the top glass of this setup. My brother’s beautiful white dumbo ear did that a few days after he got it and we didn’t find it until it was far too late.

Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga says:

Great video, looks good. What room in your house do you use as your fishroom?

Ryo Watanabe says:

I love the reds on the betta!

Dwain Kitchel says:

rockin the hoodie !! nice tank 🙂

Fish For Thought says:

Nice scape! The betta is enjoying his new nano tank 🙂

Rhythm F. says:

I like it more than my fluval spec already

Millerific says:

5:01 A Goldfish swims in and out of the plant pot! So cute!

Cichlids 5 Aquatics says:

Do video of your carpet Python AKA spooky noodle

Malnutrition Boy says:

I want to make my entire wall connecting my kitchen to my living room into a aquarium so potentially up to 1000 gallons and it is the perfect location as you would see it when you are at the front door or from outside the windows since i live in an “apartment”

Brantov says:

Interesting nano tank.

Alpha Bravo says:

No offence, but he does not look show quality, beautiful none the less, but not show quality. Forgive me if I’m wrong cus I’m a noob lel

Elys D'Clar says:

Hi Steen! Could we get an update on this? Curious about that soil.

Triple 10 Tanks says:

Looks great

Petsotics says:

Aside from having my own business. I also work at PetCo. Great choice!!!

Hannah Wermuth says:

Just ordered this tax online! Can’t wait to get it set up!

Charlie Yang says:

Is Top Fin Petsmart’s own aquarium company? I know that Walmart has Aqua Culture so I was just wandering.

No5 says:

Water circulation/flow seems terrible and filter takes up too much of the tank. Really needs to be larger IMO.

MarineLifeDrew says:

I would have used some dwarf sag as a foreground plant. I bet it would have done just fine

fuzzy wuzzy says:

Great tank set up video

Robert Merle says:

Hi Bob, I have the same tank, the only issue I have that you did not mention is the light does not work with a timer, once the light is turned off you have to manually touch the switch to turn it back on. I swapped it out for a Finnex Planted Plus Clip-on LED, it cost more new than I paid for the whole tank, but I’m a planted tank guy. Overall it’s a great little tank for the price. Love the videos, keep up the great work.

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