New Petsmart TopFin by Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Failure Disaster Pt 3

TopFin by Aqueon Fish Tank Failure | Aquarium Disaster Part 3 | Brand New Tank Replacement Defective
Today we give you an update after our aquarium, that was purchased just before Christmas, burst in our house making a mess and leaving us to deal with 75 gallons of water leaking out for the ultimate fish tank failure disaster. This aquarium is manufactured by Aqueon and commonly sold at Big Chain stores. Our poor fish was okay thankfully but left she is now left without her home. We got in contact with the store and the manager went above and beyond to help us out. He replaced the tank and stand the very next day, at his expense, while he tries to process a warranty claim for the defective Aqueon assembled 75 gallon aquarium. We couldn’t have been happier that it was taken care of so quickly and that we had received service that far exceeded our expectations. But then….

We got the new stand and tank setup, and started to fill the brand new TopFin fish tank. Now this brand new tank looks like it is in danger of popping like the last one. It appears the seal on the left hand side is splitting apart and at risk of another catastrophic fish room disaster because of a defective aquarium manufactured by Aqueon. Didn’t even get it filled up all of the way. What are your thoughts?


Thaxton's Aquaticz says:

Well Bud I Would Get You Some Razor Blades And Two Tubes Of Silicone And Some Guitar String (very thin)and pull old silicone out and reseal

John Martinez says:

Damn this sucks. A bean counter must have shaved a few pennies off production costs or something…

Douglas Williams says:

Sorry for your bad luck Mike. Like I said on the forums (and it seems most here agree) I wouldn’t trust that tank. I see from the comments below that you say the tank is perfectly level. That’s very important. The bigger the tank, the more important having it perfectly level. Another good idea is to put a sheet of styrofoam (polystyrene) between the tank and the stand. One custom tank manufacturer that I’ve dealt with will not honor their warranty unless you do this.

J B says:

you’re shit is level right??? man… dont give up brother. but for sure… get it handled. in the end you can not lose money on a shitty tank.

Thaxton's Aquaticz says:

And Keep Tank?Man I’m So Sorry About Your Guys Week I Really Know What Your Week Has Been Like Well I Know I’m Not Buying Aqueon Tanks.Lol Don’t Give Up Mate…

Rico Suave says:

If you don’t like it take it back again…that glass looks a little thin…I know they had a recent mix of glass thickness with certain tanks I had gotten the past couple years from them like 55 gallons and now they use thicker glass

Tim M says:

just turn it around. LOL

muffemod says:

Acrost is not a word.

William Feltner says:

I prefer the old aqueon tanks that were made under the name all glass aquariums, ever since they changed the name to aqueon the quality seems to have went down. My 125 was made in 1993 by all glass aquariums and has 1/2 inch glass all the way around and i havent had any issues with it.

NDIrishfan71 says:

I have a Top Fin 75 and a Marineland 75 and both have been fine with no problems. You can get a bad build from any brand. That being said IMO there is not a brand out there that has made a better tank than the old Oceanic large tanks they used to make.

Pinkie unicorn says:

Wtf bitch don’t blame on Canada for a bad purchase it’s your fault that you made the decision to buy that tank

apuerto ricanlife says:

Ur a moron

animedudevid says:

Why don’t you get a Return and find an old used one. I got one made in the 80’s and its the most trusted one I’ve owned.

IFG says:

Shout out to whoever disliked this video. Smdh!

Inti Amaterasu says:

this is why i always buy used tanks. its stil the same risk of them popping, but at least they are cheaper lol…

you could easily re-seal it once its drained and dry.

MattTanks says:

Resealing is very easy but because that is the SEAM, it becomes a little difficult. you could take on the pane but that may result in cracks. I’d rather deal with terrible customer service than lose money on a massive tank like that. Replace it especially since the fish that were suppose to go in it are still in temp locations. Sounds like terrible luck man. I feel bad for you. Never had aqueon tanks so I wouldnt know how good they are but judging from your experience, they look like poor quality garbage. Best of luck

Michael Johnston says:

well take it down and don’t try it I don’t trust it at all…..that thing is a ticking time bomb terrible quality here from aqueon which is unfortunate considering they are one of the few Big company’s who sell tanks a dollar per gallon brand new…..when I resealed my 180 gallon I was 17 years old….pretty sad if I was able to do a better job back then on a 6x2x2 all by myself than a big name company who has fancy machines and a name to stand behind and protect.

Khi Burgess says:

That’s a return

nazimran haf says:

Contact TopFin, you might have a life time warranty on it..

Tim M says:

Ya bro. it’s toast. sorry.

Dude, That's Cichlid! says:

Looks like it’s twisting the tank somehow. Aqueon make excellent tanks, I’d be more inclined to think it’s the stand. Seriously.

MeinnameistDreck says:

I’m sorry to hear about your nightmare experience! I have an Aqueon 65 gallon tank and the seams look kind of like this when I drain it during a water change. When I fill it back up, these bubble-looking things go away again. Tank is only 6 months old. Care to comment?

Adam Osborn says:

I run a group on face book called tank talk

stinson1972 says:

Best thing you can do is pull the front off then reseal it I’ve been a Glazier for over 20 years and thats what i would do could last 10 years or could go tomorrow best of luck

Corner Tank Corner says:

Liaan Lategan “shout out” video got me here! You earned a subscriber here!

Adam Osborn says:

Hey my name is Adam and sorry to hear brother after you drain you can re-seal the tank
The tank your self or use the glass as a viewing panel on a plywood aquarium the benifit of a ply wood aquarium is it’s almost indistructable I really think you should re use the tank some how or use the warranty that comes with the tanks

Dude, That's Cichlid! says:

I’m gonna say it’s your stand, might not be totally square and level.

Lolol Lilol says:

hey I have a question… I just got some tank mates for my little bp (some silver dollars) but my bp will attack them, no biting just chasing them. but at times he wil shoal with them. he also steals their food, his can I get him to let the silver dollars eat???

Corey Hecker says:

man, that sucks, only positive is with all this bad luck your due for some really great luck!

Liaan Lategan says:

Ah man that really sucks! If they cant replace it for you, best thing is to try a DIY fix on it. But it never looks as good when I do it. Hope they can replace the tank for you.

Cooleo says:

Topfin lowest quality tank you can buy.

Colleen Gratton says:

Thank you for review! I am a basic hobbist and struggling to decide what type of tank to get. Thanks for heads up. Sincerely appreciate your sharing negative experience so I can do the same!

BolivianFishKeeper says:

Weed has active drug ingredient called F#%IT Smoke some and you need it now .

Only way to make your bad luck go away . F it

Damion Markham says:

play some Reggea, I tried to comment twice and it kept getting mushy and heavy
so apparently this is all I got

KG cichlids says:

Damn man you got horrible luck lol hopefully they can compensate you for the trouble, I definitely would ask for something extra. You have the proof on camera!

Dan Hiteshew says:

Maybe it’s time to try another brand.

audioman628 says:

Is your tank completely level on your floor? I’ve seen unleaveled full tanks start to comprise the silicone seal under the weight of the water. Please make sure. Use a level if you have one. I have always had good luck with Aqueon/ All Glass aquarium’s. I found Marineland tanks to be complete garbage. They use a thinner glass and not enough center bracing. The absolute best glass tanks money can buy is Oceanic. They are the BMW’s of aquariums. Also if you can afford a Acrylic aquarium I heard they NEVER leak. Well I hope this helps you a little bit. Good luck.

HalfMan HalfCichlid says:

I did a search on YouTube and Facebook for tanks breaking/splitting/cracking/flooding. Stopped after I found 20 examples. All were glass tanks. None acrylic. Other than the expense, I do not know why folks have not switched to acrylic?

Todd Hayslett says:

The quality of Aqueon tanks has gone down. Ever since they bought All Glass Aquarium they basically ruined what was a top tier company. I have an All Glass Aquarium 65 gallon tank from 2001 and the silicone is still perfect. RIP All Glass Aquarium.

A Tabish says:

top Fin is a petsmart brand they manufacture those tanks NOT AQUEON call Petsmart and ask them I know this for a fact

Next Level Gaming says:

pls help, my BP is turning black

Old School Fish Guy says:

Sorry my brother, I would NEVER use that tank — NEVER – NEVER – NEVER

Next Level Gaming says:


DEA- Exotics says:

drain it and reseal it i have done it before and no what you have there is not safe

inventoryking says:


Erik B says:

Yeah swap it out no need to have anymore problems

J B says:

wtf? I’m not sure if that’s just an “imperfection” or an issue but bruh.. take it back

Dramatic Aquatics says:

Definitely a silicone fault so its not curing correctly needs stripping completely and then rebuilding, we had a dodgy batch of silicone and had to remake

AQUA NUT says:

I would like to thank you guys for all of the support in this matter? It looks like we are going to be taken care of by Big Als here out of Canada. They have us a brand new Seapora aquarium, all we have to do is go and get it. A big heartfelt Thank you to these guys. feel free to check out their Youtube channel

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