Petco Freshwater Fish Review | Fish Adoption

Petco Freshwater Fish Review | Fish Adoption

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Hack Er says:

I’m watching porn in the pacific Northwest

Colton Yelverton says:

at 2:36 theras a tank for only 10.00

roberto deleon says:

Is that a McDonald’s kids meal watch? That was recalled !!

Golden Aquatics says:

you arent suppose to put store water in your tank it isnt healthy for the fishes

Josh DP says:

You don’t have a clue about what you’re doing, do you?

Acacia Sterling says:

The catfish’s fins looked a little torn 🙁

Robert Christie says:

thats one way to kill your fish

Minder says:

I love catfish! personally one of my fav fishes as pets good review jay!

Markie D says:

he mixed store water with his own water….the fish probably have ich by now im sure

Movie Reviewer says:

love the fish unboxings

Bárbara R says:

big plecos usually don’t eat algae 😐
Molly are super nice for it and they will not eat anybody

Just James says:

There are fish rescues now lol?? Good god we’re horrible to our pets as a civilization.

Qd Nguyen says:

I just bought a new 37 gallon fish tank today at petsmart

Joseph Power says:

sunglasses for real man lol

Lee Currell says:

I like how the marine section is labelled “saltwater” because Americans are too stoopid to know what the word marine means.

Brent cayetano says:

I’m watching porn In the pacific Northwest

nicole gumila says:

I have almond milk is that okay

Olivia Nguyen says:

I just got a new pet last week, he is a leapard gecko.

Asmith12342000 Smith says:

Fish Adoption???? It’s a store, and the fish are a product sold in the store. Good grief… “fish adoption”! Come on, get real. Ok, I finished watching your video and see now you titled the video adoption because of some adopt a fish thing at Petco. I wasn’t aware of it. Personally, I can’t stand Petco and figure that Petsmart is a mile above for what they offer. It could just be in my state, but I miss the days of small tropical fish stores that are hard to find. That’s where one can find a store that specialize in nothing but fish.

Olivia Nguyen says:

I just bought an Angel fish, 2 tiger barbs and ghost shrimps, gold fishes, a pleco this weekend. Not all in one tank!!!

Michael Lou says:

Why are you giving advice and doing video comparisons when you clearly are a novice in fish keeping? Dumping pet store water in your tank is the first obvious mistake. Buying fish from places like petco and pets mart is also terrible. Buying cheap has a reason. They buy in huge bulk and you get crappy abused fish. Good luck but I hope people who watch your video yo get advice should know what they are hearing.

Movie Reviewer says:

imperial tropicals is very good and cheap on shipping

Olivia Nguyen says:

I just bought a huge pleco today like the one you bought. I got him for 2.49, how much was yours?

Oshane Allien says:

How much did that tank cost

TheOne AboveAll says:

that shrimp is a savage yo!!

JGO says:

Pet smart At least the one by my house has reduced there selection of there fish and they never have anyone taking care of there fish I stick to the small pet stores

zanah brown says:

I would check out the aquarium co-op in edmonds, You wont regret it, everyone LOVES Murphy. Youll know him when you see him 😉

Dana Williams says:

I have a lot of fish on my own I have three bettas 5 mollies 7 guppies 3 African dwarf frogs but not all in one tank yours is to over crowded

Joseph Power says:

why did you mixed Petco water with your water I was told don’t do that…

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