Petsmart 5 gallon GloFish tank review

I picked this tank up for my daughter’s birthday, it’s pretty cool!


Theresa G says:

Just purchased mine. It is very bright and has everything you need to start a new home for the glofish. awesome!! I’m happy with it.

a rainbow Fishy says:

If you put a background that’s like blue or something, will that glow too, or does it stay dark?

Ajplayer1212 articwolf says:

Glofish aren’t died

clarkecraftg animals says:

what they do with GLO fish is they add a gene to them to make them glow and then they can breed and you have more of them

17 38 says:

Do you have to have a heater

carrot says:

we’ve had our 3 glofish tetras for about 4 years now…. and they’re gmo not dyed i believe. This tank is really cute though i love the pink, makes me want to get one myself for my betta.

Blockhead VIP says:

It came with the rocks and plants?? I haven’t seen that one.

Gunnergaming 123 says:

About a week ago

Bizarre Fish says:

Yes Glofish arent dyed its a common misconception because back in the 90s they had “painted” fish and glass fish that were similar to Glofish and were in fact dyed, it often shortened their lives and wasn’t good practice which is why a lot of fish keepers dislike modern Glofish which are just genetically modified to be fluorescent. The more ya know huh lol.

Rayyan Junaid says:

how did you get the purple lights on the side?? and do you which tank this is?

pancudowny says:

Tetra made that tank-kit. And from what I’ve read, you would do better buying one of their Glo-Fish lighting strips, and just adding it to another maker’s tank with black gravel and a AquaClear filter… Like I did!

RosePyxel says:

what kind of filter is that?

Alice332Neo says:

how much was it

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