PetSmart Freshwater Fish Review

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PetSmart Freshwater Fish Review

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Twisted Throttle says:

“Some of these”

PomPomDixy82 Kira says:

nice fish tank!!!!!!

Ottomantric says:

I can name a few different much better pet stores within 20 minutes of that petsmart where you can get much better fish. I know because I live in the next town over from Everett

Dz Player01 says:

brah in my contry fish like that cost you around 30 to 100 dollars
ughh i have no change in keeping fish
the fishes that normally cost 3 dollar
cost 30 dollars at my contry
and there is not many fish stores

AA reptiles says:

i know chain stores are bad but i always liked PETsMART they have good customer service and i have never seen any animals with out the proper setup except the betta fish

Marks fish room says:

some of deez

alien_invation 666 says:


Felix Yi says:

so this tank is so hard to watch as a minimalist.

TimmyME says:

That tank looks horrible.

IPlayzz Gaming says:

the fish are probably all dead

BunniesAndBubbles says:

I know people are always hating on petsmart, but at my local one, the people are very knowledgeable about fish, and even asked me if my tank was cycled and how big it was before I bought my guppies.

David Chan says:

I don’t know man… buying fish from petsmart could be harmful for your tank. The dripping method is fine as long as you do it right. However, it looks like some of the petsmart water leak out from the bag while you are doing it. Not cool man.

Bishal Khadka says:

How much was that tank and where did you get it

Geckos 'N Stuff says:

dude you are overstocking your tank WAY too much. get a bigger aquarium.

Jonathan Mak says:

where is this filmed

Noah Alarie says:

your fish are kinda boring, you should get some colourful fish.

rafid raffe says:

u ned clean ur tank alge

OG`s Fishroom says:

Great vid, lets sub to each other.

Steve Yummy says:

You got black pubic hair algae bra

musicalmarion says:

Uh oh.. tiger barbs… and why only 95% ?

Jennifer Fuentes says:

Holly shit I go to the same pet store and I don’t care if you don’t believe be it’s in Norwich

Lieutenant Lol says:

This guy is a fucking dumbass.

The Buddy's says:

Omg I go to that pet smart lol

Bubble Buddy says:

did you not have a bucket on hand? would’ve made it easier to get them in the tank.

Jennifer Fuentes says:

you fucking idiot do your research the plecostimus will get 3 feet you dumb fuck!!!!!

Jeff Frank says:

I think for the most part your tank is can do good. It is a little overstocked but with good filtration and extra water changes the tank should do fine. You do however have too much algae. Your Plecos can not eat that much. The algae is one sign your nitrates are high and you need to up the number of water changes. The black algae is bad. Black agae forms when a combination of too much light and high fish wate in the tank from poor maintenance. If not removed, and the cause fixed the black algae will take over the tank. Oh and I am sorry to tell you Plecos and most fish will not eat black algae they only eat the blue-green algae. With a little more maintenance I think you will have a great tank.

The Buddy's says:

I go to that Percocet too lol

Unknown Bluez says:

sucks for you bc you cant touch the cats 🙁

PomPomDixy82 Kira says:

sooooooo manyyyyyyyy fishhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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