Petsmart Marineland Heartland 60gal Aquarium and Stand Review

Just bought this 60gal setup with stand at Petsmart for 150, which retails for 350. Great deal!

Link to product:

Link to Marineland Magnaflow 220 filter:

Link to gravel (Petsmart topfin caribean sea):


Jay Thomas says:

Can’t stand the led way way to bright and makes fish look washed out so I got a florescent one on top and only use the night time mode on the led

Paintball Warrior says:

How much

BostonIrv says:

what canister did you get? can you provide link? nice video!

IvoryTrance says:

is that goldfish with freshwater fish? I dont think you can mix them together

Lucas Miller says:

with that lid type, can a mainland biowheel filter fit on there and be hassle free?

Juanita Ivey Wright says:

we have the same tank set

j0ey725 says:

how to setup the hood having trouble with it

Holly Anderson says:

Wow you got a good deal Walmart wants 120 for a 29 gallon, I’m getting a 55 soon hope I can find a good deal , my 29 gallon isn’t big enough to be a permanent home for my angelfish and Congo tetras so I must upgrade in the next 4 /5 months..

Amada De Jehovah says:

what filter did you purchased with this. it doesn’t state online which filter will fit these aquarium?

foy the tank boy says:

you dont need any more filtration check out cory on aquarium co-op he explains its media that counts not flow

jed belcher says:

Do an update video

Aquafanatix says:

Is the base (width) of the stand shorter than the tank? Stand looks super slim. Thinking of getting this ensemble, but having second thought about the stand reliability.

Rogue Gamer says:

i don’t like the lid on the tank and i want to find a dome lid for it but i cant seem to find it

noahmeme2 says:

You supposed to let it cycle before you add fish!!!

Jonny Blaze says:

Thank you! This video helped tremendously!

Chris Ryou says:

i just got a same tank from petsmart and i love ur aquarium can you tell me give me a link about ur canister gravel things like that

Joshua Garcia says:

I just found one yesterday same setup and new lights and filters and pump at a garage sale $50!

RTGbeats says:

Jus got this yesterday for 180 the whole set . Nice pick up and good deal

Noel says:

I have this same tank and stand. Have you experienced any problems with leakage?

Kapo5tatu5 says:

how many pounds of gravel did u have to buy?

Rogue Gamer says:

its for 199.99 on petsmart now 🙂 (aquarium and stand)

Cindy C says:

Just bought mine online from PetSmart in the store it is $349.99 but online it was $179.99 plus a 20.00 off my purchase. Just concerned regards to the media balls not being efficient with the bio. Any suggestions of what to replace them with??

Enter Name Here says:

I brought the same aquarium and stand combo. My only problem is with the light. I had some problem putting them in, and I wish it came with more wire clips. I haven’t set it up yet but, I like how it looks

Patrick Daly says:

Sorry it took so.long to reply back. I also added the links to the description. As for using filter, we got rid of the plastic bio balls and got seachem matrix bio media because it grows healthy bacteria much better. You can find the seachem at:

Irv60589 – We are running the marineland magnaflow 220:

Chris Ryou – Thank you. We got the Topfin Carribean Sea gravel from petsmart:

Juanita Ivey Wright says:

baby large mouth bass and baby peacock bass, three baby Oscars fish

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