Petsmart Top Fin 5 Gallon Glass Aquarium $49.99 Unboxing Review!

The Petsmart top fin 5 gallon glass rimless aquarium for $49.99 is pretty sweet considering most hobbyists have access to it. There are some quirks though.
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carlos castillo says:

Would it work if you replace the pad with pieces of lava rock?

Tony M. says:

Hey Jimmy, we just came out with a new timer that works with your aquarium lighting, pumps, etc let me know if you would like us to send you that over for free for a review or something

michael minner says:

i have one of these for my betta and love it. i added some media to the back chamber along with the filter it came with.

darcity says:

um 5 gallons for $50 what a rip off. you cant even hold most fish in that tank its tooo small

Nancy Ware says:

Is there a feeding port in the lid? Would be a bit of a nuisance plus increased breakage risk to have to take the lid off to feed.

Zoo at 113 says:

great review- thank you!

Chiyoiche says:

i have this tank for my dumbo betta. it works really well! though, after a month i switched up the filter media, with sump type medias. the sponges, and ceramic bio (the smaller ones fit nice) help it to work much better. as well as keeping it super silent!

W Cooper says:

would this be a good quarantine tank

Kodiak Bear says:

There is a 5.5 kit by top fin underwater worlds, it costs $40. it comes with a hood a little 3 led light, a 10 gallon filter(it was too strong for my betta so I put it on low and had some java fern where the water comes out) but I got mine for 20. I think the one you have is better for the price but if the 5.5 is on sale again it is probobly better.

MegaAnimal Revived says:

I had a horrible experience with this… i bought it with my savings and when i started to set up half the stuff was missing! I bought brand new from petsmart so I was shocked, it was also $60 which in that case i should have gotten the fluval spec but im like maybe i should go for this one. HUGE MISTAKE! This was all in a petsmart that is located on randhurst illinois

Domesticated Guppy says:

Did he just cracked the aquarium after installing the light?

Georgia Butler says:

Iv been working and saving up for 6months to buy one of these!!!

Robert treboR says:

Is it weird that I miss Corys old videos? Like the less fancy less polished one. I use to watch his videos all the time. This is the first video I have watched in more than a month.

Gaming With Green says:

“well thats how you break that” lmao

Daniel 360 YT says:

Dang 50$ for 5 gallons u can get a 20 gallon for 90 and it comes with a filter

Charlie Yang says:

Looks like a rip off of the Fluval Spec 5

InfinityPets says:

I’m using Petco’s version of that tank! I like the filtration system on Petco’s better.

Brian Kimbark says:

“That’s how you break that!” Haha

Michael Freestone says:

You can get a 10 gallon tank starter kit for $30 at Walmart.

I think you’ve been cheated.

Bryan Black says:

The thing about the light being on top like that if you have it at eye level it would be shining in your eyes all the time. I like hoods that the light is built in but there are not many options for replacements for them on the smaller stuff.

I guess it would be a cheap way to try our hand at a planted tank if you are new at them like me, lol

Shadow Paw9091 says:

I go this tank for $25 and my betta loves it but make sure to turn the flow down all the way and it was planted

Avsfreak24 says:

If I ever get a 5 gallon for maybe a desk or something Im getting a Fluval. Might be expensive when there’s this option but it’s WAY better than this

Wes-Fish Care says:

TopFin, if youre going to copy Fluval, the one thing you should copy is the filtration. The filter on the Spec line is amazing.

Suz Young says:

I have this tank with one betta and a mystery snail in it. I hate the filter cartridge! Would replacing it with a sponge work?

Ron Johnson says:

I just hate how topfin and some other brands will photoshop fish into the pictures of these tiny little tanks and make them look like they fit. At the pet shop I worked at I’d always have people coming to me asking things such as why they can’t but four angelfish in a 3.5 gallon tank “because they’re in the picture”. Whenever I saw someone throwing a tiny fishbowl or <10 gallon kit into their cart I'd immediately try to inform them a betta is their best option, but most of the time they would end up getting the five goldfish that their kid wanted (while also informing me they do not want to cycle the tank or add supplements). It wasn't much of an option to refuse service to these sorta people because you could get fired for refusing to let people get the fish they can't take care of.

OG`s Fishroom says:

Hey Cory how did you resolve the water level issue? I have the same problem. Thanks


hi jimmy love the vids please check mine out thanks

Jon Wallace says:

I bought 3 a week ago, needed a tank in each bed room. decent little betta tank added a 10 dollar heater

david w says:

hey guys, theres a sale at walmart on 10g kits for 30 bucks, maby you could review that?

The Fire Belly Newt says:

I think this topfin tank is a rip off of the fluval spec v.The spec v is 2× more but it looks much nicer and has better filtration

Pet Adventures says:

LOL! Next up we got..breaking stuff

John Hatter says:

You are a wonderful person to listen too, but the tank sucks. Great sale tho

thatguyjosh thattallguyy says:

a cheap power adapter would allow you to run a timer i believe

Kodiak Bear says:

would that grow dwarf hair grass, i want a little betta and shrimp tank for my dorm next year. I want the design to be fluval stratum as base and a dragon stone in the back and a bunch of hairgrass.

Vash The Stampede says:

They really did not think the single plug-in through.

OregonOutdoorsChris says:

Perhaps I’ve missed it, given it’s a direct competitor to this kit, but have you tested the PAR for the Fluval Spec V?

Gabor P says:

Thanks Core you just topped on it and explained it why never to by a ready made systems. Yes cheaper then what you would spend on if you buy is separate but you pointed put all the bed things that is not a good system at all. I think 50$ was a wasted money. Also clearly a very bad design on the filter and that cartridge idea and the 1 cord system so you can’t put it on a timer. The light and the light strength is good nothing else. Well for what you said to a Betta is an excellent tank cause of the very weak flow of the returning water. Well it’s better then a liter bowl or a small cup !

goodstrong says:

I’ll keep using my Fluval Spec V. More room for filtration and separated pump and light cords. Picked a new one up off craigslist for $50!

Miranda Rainey says:

I have this exact tank and the out flow is way too strong for my beta.

Salen mac says:

Corta rings? sorry I want to get this but I dont understand what he is saying to replace the filter with?

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