PetSmart Top Fin Essentials 37 Gallon Aquarium Kit Review

This is a review of my Top Fin Essentials 37 Gallon Aquarium Kit from PetSmart. I get into detail about the kit itself including contents, modifications I did to the tank as well as the stand I chose for it. I made a mistake and said my light was on for 10 hours (11am-11pm), I meant 11am-9pm. Also, the tank has a basic black background installed on it. I’ll include some links to where I bought everything from. The kit also comes with a net and a water test vial that I forgot to mention. Thanks for watching!

Top Fin Essentials 37 Gallon Aquarium Kit:

Marineland Penguin 350 Filter:

Aqua Culture 20/29 Gallon Aquarium Stand:

I modified the aquarium hood with a hand saw and sand paper to smooth the edges. I used two 2 X 6’s to support the inside with gloss black spray paint. I also used a 24 in X 24 in pre-cut piece of plywood to support the back, all of which I screwed in with 1.5 inch wood screws after drilling pilot holes. I used 1 X 6 to make two shelves with angle iron and 0.5 in wood screws.

The power strip I used (best deal I could find, but you could use any one):


Benny Blanco says:

Nice job. Good job reinforcing the stand also.

Heath Phelps says:

I love how you threw shade at the kid that open the box!! I really liked your video, I actually just ordered the same tank online, watching your video made me want to get back into the hobby, so thank you for that. I live in a fairly cold climate l, should I go ahead and upgrade the heater? What size would you recommend?

JDO Fishtank says:

Just bought this 37 gal kit today, I did the same thing, cut the top and added the Bio wheel 350 filter. The filter that comes with it is too small. Make sure you add some bio media to the filter, don’t just use the cartridges. Tank looks good.

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