Review: Coast To Coast Custom Aquariums Frag Tank

Join me as I provide a review of a Coast To Coast Custom Aquariums frag tank.

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Joel perez says:

Porche are a dime a dozen .A bugatti takes 6 times longer to make. so does Reef Savvy.

NanoReef Drop says:

Ahh. That makes more senses.

NanoReef Drop says:

I like it, but think it would be better if all edges were machine polished.

magicstix0r says:

“No tank failures in it’s 8 year history…”

Most tank seams start to fail at 10 years, so…

Edward Thayer says:

euro bracing is only for support for tanks raller then 24 inches! why would you or for that matter aquarium builder let you go with and spend the extra money not needed on euro bracing??? Please don’t say that rimless tanks splash when cleaning, because they don’t. Or that snails will crawl out, because they won’t! it’s just as easy for snail to climb over the euro bracing as a rimless tank. I’ve had coast to coast tell my customers that, neither of which is true. that’s the only reason I brought it up. if euro bracing is just something you wanted because you thought it looked good, or you were given the tank(by Coast to Coast) which I believed what has happened then I understand. I’d use it to. But just in case you had a reason for it id be glad to hear it. thank you for your time!

idenity n says:

man i fell in love with this tank

John Menezes says:

this is not a review, just a paid ad.

NanoReef Drop says:

PS your live feed is just maroon.

pelphrey says:

Frag tank looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it full of…. Frags! Haha Great build quality!

Jökull Finnbogason says:

Great looking frag tank. I’m Subscribing!

Ashish Patel says:

I just got my tank from CTC.. Same eurobraced with black silicone. The craftsman ship is amazing.. The edges are all machine polished but some of the annoying comments are speaking of the front corner eurobracing – which was polished slightly to avoid sharp ends… rookies..

muffemod says:

2:59 holy shit what blind fucker made those crooked ass cuts?!

NeoMinerva says:

obvious paid shilling for a frag tank

Jon Gordon says:

Out of curiosity what are the dimensions of your frag tank?

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