REVIEW Marina Betta EZ Care Aquarium Kit

Marina Betta EZ Care White Aquarium Kit.
This tank is great however it does not work with the rocks that are included with the product.


Nathaniel Francisco says:


ReviewCam says:

I had that early on in keeping a betta and because the tank looked attractive, but it’s too small for a betta and really needs full water changes every couple of days.

Pet Central 101 says:

You. Are. Slowly. Killing. Your. Fish. #StopAbuse #DoResearchFirst

JokJok says:

How’s it going without the rocks now?

Charlie Yang says:

No offense dude but if you’re too lazy just to clean your fish’s tank then don’t get a fish at all.

Miranda Wilson says:

poor fish.


can u please do a review on a herlitz pencil?

Ivy Young says:

Just got my Betta yesterday and got this tank to start, but it has some foggy water. I followed what it told me to do, but it isn’t looking right.

Marissa Karto says:

It will remain dirty until you get a real tank with a filter. I recommened a 2.5 gallon or higher and I use the fluval aquaclear 20 as my filter.

Michelle Thomas says:

I have not had problems with the rocks i cleaned them several times before putting them in his tank. my concern is cleaning the tank and a plastic tank at that

Jankykf says:

Nice video, I had this tank as well and I found it worked alright if I put half the rocks in. I have a video on my channel that shows how I did that. good luck with your fish!

Thomas Lohse says:

I had my Betta for a year and then I got this because my bigger tank got a leak. We wil see how it goes only had mine up a few days now.

Kristina K says:

Thought the same thing about the rocks…Appreciate your honesty!

Stevie Micah Saunders says:

Where’s the review of the tank without the rocks for two weeks?

Pet Central says:

He is getting upset with being able to see his reflection on the ground

anfarlamb says:

You should get a 2.5 gallon tank with a heater and filter instead of this cube. It won’t stress the Betta out; plus there is more room. You also should get a plant or something for your Betta to hide in; they will get stressed out with nowhere to hide. Please remember this isn’t hate, I only want to help. ((:

GiraffesAreShort says:

I would get smaller rocks meant for fish the rocks included aren’t the best rocks for fish so I would go to Petco and get some rocks I personally get the glofish rocks because they have cool colors and etc but they also have more natural rocks aswell

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