Review: usb desktop aquarium mini fish tank

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freddie Dickerson says:

how much is it

Louis Mercado says:

haha his pet is a frog

Tribenix says:

The temperature can be changed by pushing the down button once and you get 0F

Brooklyn Ludeviks says:

this si cool i might get this tank for my goldfish fry

ExoDesto says:

im getting this over 3 days. probably gonna put 2 guppy’s in it.

Colton Busby says:

Thank you for actually showing it with something living inside and not just water. Overall great review.

Amanda Simpson-hemmings says:

Not very happy with this because you can not have fish in this pat at home send no

latah56 says:

too small for fish. If it were around 3 gallons (instead of a quarter-gal) maybe, just maybe I would purchase it.

Harley Allen says:

omg u have a pet dino… I know I’m late but did it work for u

Isaac Cachia says:

I dont care if you’re American!! Im European where high quality products are made!

TheCrestedTreeFrog says:

Just so everyone knows the frog was moved into a larger tank shortly after this vid!

PDBlackOps says:

could a ghost shrimp live in this?

latah56 says:

TAKE THE POOR AFRICAN DWARF FROG OUT! This is too small! It can jump out, and also it needs at least 10 gallons.

Dis sonance says:

I love you, marry me

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