scumbag fish pretends to be dead | Fish Tank Review Ep. 3

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pirhan says:

10/10 for Asian joke.

Gaurav Patil says:

What fish do u have at the moment?

Eric Kimbrough says:

You should rate your tanks, I love your channel but rating people’s tanks if they don’t ask for it is just a way to get people out of the hobby just my opinion tho

Janette R. says:

I like these

Anthony Lococo says:

Scumbag owner doesn’t know how to speak correctly. Dude you call your dog that when he’s sleeping I could go much harder but I ain’t getting kicked off so funny thing is I started to hear you speak the first thing you said was how whatever it was start on a positive note you and then you go and label fish scumbag you’re getting better.

FishVisions says:

great video! 🙂

Megalon Fan says:

Oh trust me, Loaches love to play dead. They are goofy fish that just pick when to just stop everything and sleep. The issue is the tend to sleep like Bettas and Oscars where they lay on their side and not up right. Clown loaches were given their name because they clown around and play dead. Hope that clears up your question Chris 😀

Ariful Haque says:

This channel is great

InfinityAquatics says:

Lmaoo. I love these videos. Also I’m glad you’re back!

Simon Shaw says:

The last tank, the white fish is actually a Giant Guarami! Grows even too big for a 200g tank

First Lieutenant says:

People give me a headache.

Growing Interest says:

“Maybe they sponsor ne. Haha nice joke” 😀 this Sarcasm. With the goldfish, I know that not every fish store employee is interested in fish, they will sell you everything, they don’t care, I leaned that the hard way.
And apparently asian is a color XD

SMGBrothers says:

Dude what is your outro music I know I recognize it but I cant seem to get it

Vincent Bain says:

OMG!!! You just put me in a coma!

Ha-y-n Brian says:

Really?? White Black Asian?? Lol!!

Nick Gorecki-こんにちは-ツ says:

Love these vids, man keep doing great

Anthony Lococo says:

I have to complain to why I was recommended this channel go get your own fish tanks

Waan says:

minecraft music ahh 😀

DiamondLiam789 says:

Anyone notice the Minecraft music at the beginning?

Tony says:


Mango The juice says:

The thumbnail title is hilarious lmao

Re Becca says:

Love your music choices, nostalgic feels all over the place here

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