Setting Up and Reviewing the Imagitarium 3.7 Gallon Pro Deluxe Nano Aquarium

Hello Everyone,
We decided to add a nano aquarium to our office area. While we were at it I thought I would share my thoughts on the Imagitarium Pro Nano aquarium that we bought.

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MrGubrz says:

just got this same tank for my new betta! I put an amazon baby kessil clone light on it for some shimmer.  its got pennywort in it that is taking over all the rest of my tanks, lol.  its my wisteria I suppose, lol!

Raccoon Creek Aquatics says:

This would be a good tank for my desk at work! Thanks for sharing

Bri P says:

Would this be a good tank for betta I’m getting one and I wanted to get this tank, but my question is si it to strong for them?

Triple 10 Tanks says:

great video

Fond Of Fish says:

Hey Jason, great vid I’ve been interested in one of these myself as a less exp alternative to the Fluval spec 3. Did you end up using that piece of vinyl tubing? I believe it attaches to the pump first then the elbow at the top of it, allowing lower placement of the pump in the back for better flow. But being as it’s such a tiny pump, I can see why you may have omitted it. One question-hows that heater? I’ve heard mixed things about it and wanna know before I go out and grab one. Keep up the vids and check out my channel if you want!

adrianlofi says:

Is this a 3.7 gallon tank total? Or does that filtration take part of it which will leave it to be ~3 gallons?

Seppe Van der Meiren says:

Nice vid , very nicely done and nice setup. Thanks

Liz Ward says:

We have this brand in Australia. Thanks for the video. I had the light It lasted 3 years.

Lumpydog says:

Thanks for the review. Nicely done. Desktop tanks seem to be getting more popular. Keep the great content coming. Cheers.

Shelley G. says:

This was a fun video. Way to go for your wife to catch the “bug” too. I love that Betta….very very pretty with that blue body and the white fins.

Kaylan Beaty says:

Hi there- I recently purchased this tank. I read that Petco recently discontinued the replacement carbon filters for this tank I just wanted to know what replacement filters you use? Or if you know of any alternatives that work for this tank?

V. Stag says:

Awesome review Great detailed look at this nano setup cant wait to see the updates

shayna cope says:

Nice video

Liz Ward says:

Multiple Tank Syndrome, Love it

female dog says:

You did the pump wrong

Nick schmitz says:

absolutely terrible design. the pump needs to be at the bottom. being at the top risks running the pump dry due to evaporation. would never buy this junk

Daniel Batchelor says:

Awesome video

Josh Booth says:

When I spin my iPhone to watch this, the sound goes to the top little speaker! All the other videos I watch are fine, so it may be your video settings??

Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga says:

Looks great, seems like a great deal.

96Eclipsed says:

By the way, he put the pump in wrong. You use one of the elbow fittings in the pump, attach the long tube to it then use the other elbow in the hole and attache the outlet to that, so the pump is low in the chamber not at the top. Think of it like a periscope.

WiltingSoul says:

Great review, this really helps me out. Off to check out the update video next.

Everything_Nerdy says:

Some people say the filter is too strong for Bettas, is that true? I really want to get this tank for my Betta Pez.

Tarzan TheApeMan says:

How’s the tank doing?

cwsfanatic23 says:

Good video. Was thinking of getting the 6.8 gallon version of this tank. Any other complaints and how did the light work out for your plant life? Fluval has a new 3.0 nano light out I wonder if it would be able to upgrade to a different light on it and still mount like the original..

Black pheasant75 says:

Hey, there wasnt any audio

joshelisha says:

Not sure if it matters much, but you are missing part of the tubing for the pump assembly. Also, I found that keeping the heater in the back filter/pump area was keeping the water from reaching the 78 degree range. By having the heater in such a tiny space, the water around it was 78 degrees but the water in the main part of the tank was staying at 70-74 range. I even went as far as buying a second thermometer thinking my original thermometer was defective. After I moved the heater to the main part of the tank my thermometer finally reached the 77-78 degree range. Hope this helps, if others are having the same issues.

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