Tetra 1.5 Gallon Cube Aquarium Review + tips

This is my review of the Tetra 1.5 aquarium. In the video, I tell you what this kit comes with, my pros and cons, pricing, and some tips for beginners. *Another tip for beginners: BE SURE you use a water conditioner if you are using tap water, every time you do a water change. Also, let your tank cycle (google it and learn as much as you can about this before you buy a fish!) before adding fish. If you have no choice but to add the fish immediately, be sure to also add beneficial bacteria (tetra sells a bottle for a few bucks at walmart) before putting the fish in. Tetra’s brand of this removes ammonia and nitrates. Add this every week when changing water for at least a month to be sure your fish aren’t harmed while your tank cycles.


Jerome Andrew says:

I have the same exact tank, but I don’t want to put a Betta in it. What should I do ?

pancudowny says:

I’ve seen the same tank sold at Meijers as well. I feel it’d be fine for maybe a small-handful of Neon Tetras, or something like that… but that’s it! One other thing that irks me about it is that cheesy water-filter. Sure, it can oxygenate the water just fine… but it’s turnover rate must be a joke! Plus, I’ve seen a more suitable in-tank electric-powered filter–the Cascade 300–sell in the same store. Spend a few more bucks to get that and insure you have good filtration–even fill the cartridge in it with your choice of chemical media!… And drop a few pennies on a good wood-block “air-stone” hat can produce fine bubbles that will insure good oxygenation. Meanwhile… keep your eyes open for a “dollar per gallon” tank-sale at your local big-chain pet store.

Michael Johnston says:

I bought this last week for my son who is almost 2. We put 5 zebra danios and 1 Pleco in it. I realized how bad the water had gotten in a week so I completely cleaned it out and changed the water today because I noticed one Danio had got stuck in the filter and died. During cleaning, another Danio died sitting in the old water. After cleaning, I conditioned the water and let it sit and run through the new filter for about an hour then put the fish back in the tank. So far they are all alive. I didn’t realize until after that you aren’t supposed to change out all of the water. I guess I need to get a gravel vacuum.

Dominic Alvarado says:

what is that white rock

Twizted 1574 says:

It’s not the filter that’s loud it’s the air pump

Adwoa Padmore says:

do u need a heater with this ? if you are going to put a betta in

Rylee King says:

Should I get a plant for my Betta, or is it ok without one?

atomic_killr says:

I’d have a baby with you

Wabbo Doob says:

My Kit didn’t come with a stand

Blue Tail Bettas says:

That’s to small I would get at least a 3 gallon

Sarah Nance says:

Do you use any types of drops for your water?

Cawerline Belobear says:

Do you leave your filter on 24/7?

TimmyME says:

First… your tank is way too small. Second… you should hold the phone the correct way.

Cawerline Belobear says:

I have read some reviews of this tank saying that the water current is too strong for Bettas. Have you had any issues with that at all?

T Buzz says:

Check out my new betta fish video too 🙂

hurt animal abusers paws says:

this is not suitable for a betta or any fish. research before you put a betta in poor conditions.

5 The Sheep says:

Can I put 1 nerite snail or 1 mystery snail in a tank this size? I don’t want shrimp and I know this size of tank is WAY too small for a fish. So could I put a single nerite snail or mystery snail in there by itself? Would it be too small?

TheAilaS says:

Where did you buy the white cave for the fish?

TPM Vids Top 5 says:

I got this tank at Walmart today and rescued a Betta from Walmart too very happy btw loves the vid

A says:

love your voice

Nicole Solis says:

Hi, how did you adjust the filter?

Grace Danas says:

can i put two small platys!? i already have that tank but i have no idea what to put in it i would love a betta but can it have like a companion maybe a tetra or platy?

DefinitePerfection says:

Just got this tank and put 2 platys in it

Itzzz Wavey says:

That’s my exact same tank I keep my beta in

ReviewCam says:

That’s really pretty

julyjewel72 says:

Beautiful tank setup. Acrylic type tanks like what you have will scratch eventually, no matter how careful a person is. They’re simply plastic–that’s why they’re cheap. Glass tanks don’t have the scratching problem as bad so long as you use a soft sponge or equally soft to clean the glass.

Savage Charles says:

Guys shut the he’ll up this is like an amazing tank for this Betty’s fish because it moved up from a damn cup

Jean Patterson says:

I had to rescue a fish from a friends tank because all the other fish in the tank were attacking it. I had to buy something fast and this tank is what I got. The fish is about the size of a betta but the tank seems so small. I’m going to look online and find a bigger tank for it. The filter was not putting out air bubbles at all so I played around with it and found if I tilted the filter to the left it put out bubbles. I would only put one or two small fish in this tank.

Sofia Misty says:

For all of you gripping that this tank is too small and cruel – let me just say that this is probably “heaven” compared to the tiny cups that they’re force to live in at the stores – I’ve had this same tank for nearly a year, and my betta is so happy in it – but I don’t crowd my tank with plants, I put the plants on the outside against the wall, surrounding the tank so that the fish feels like it’s hiding, but the plants won’t hurt him. And definitely do water changes.

Emily Wenteler says:

If the light dies can you buy a new one to change it out

Chewey9721 says:

What type of water do you use

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