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Gavin P says:

Why do people do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea , its me says:

What to put in a 2.5 gallon tank?

David's Fish Tanks says:

neat video man thanks for sharing !

Rabbit Child says:

LOL, Kuli-snail. I want one! Great Vid!

Chelsea says:

13/10 for this video

K4s Aquatics says:

That 3rd one I don’t see why they didnt put some retail catfish ir a couple of arrowanas. Or the 5th one

Wyatt peterson says:

I’m a just yeet that thumb up

Abhishek Goel says:

Keep doing this shit was hilarious

Jessica Chan says:


Kashmere Art says:

that Orb with goldfish was just as sad as it could go..
Loved the video tho!

Josh Peralta says:

I give this video a 11/10 Awesome video haha

tilly the doggo says:

im in a different account but did you forget about the trisha jarvis shout out 🙂

Bug Me says:

What was the weird thing at 3:03? A weird decoration?

A Gamer's Wife says:

Haha, love the commentary and random scoring system. Gangsta platies all the way…

tilly the doggo says:

i just remembered how much i love this channel

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