Top Fin 5 Gallon Glass Aquarium Review


Dennis Younger says:

You say the feet are not non slip. So who would need that in the first place? dumb remark.

Mark says:

Your tank is beautiful where did you get that driftwood??

Israel Plascencia says:

Does anyone know where I can purchase the part for the filter in this system that connects the grey pipe running from the pump to the inlet spout? It’s a small 90 degree joint piece that’s grey in color and made of hard plastic.

Addy A says:

Where did you get the decor that’s inside? I love it!

Riceball01 says:

You wouldn’t happen to know where to get replacement pumps for this tank do you? I have one of these tanks and the pump seems to have stopped working on me so I need to replace it but I can’t find any info on where to order a replacement from. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

TLee says:

Would love to find a reef light that would go with this tank.

Cheez0id W says:

I have this tank too! I would like to know how efficient/powerful my filtration is, but I can not find any specs online defining the power of the pump. I have 1 male betta and 1 blue mystery snail (about 1.5″), a couple of Marimo Balls and 1 anubias nana. Everything seems to be going well- I plan to get some more plants, but I’m a new aquariumist so I’m taking my time.
The back (curved) area for the pump/heater/filtration IS small, I have small hands and it is hard for me to reach in and pull out the pump. The pump has an adjustable flow rate on it though, so the work was well worth it. After a game of Tetris, I was able to get 2 small heaters, the pump, the small bio media bag (I had to shape a biomax media bag to slide in behind the carbon filter cartridge), and the filter cartridge all to fit back there.

Kody Kody says:

I have been running this tank for about a month, and although it has a powerful LED light, I hate the internal filter being in the back. You also cannot put the LED light on a light timer, because it is connected to the same power cord as the filter. The filter compartment is meant for very small hands, and the pump is way too powerful for small fish. My shrimps on the very first day being introduced to the tank were already trying to squeeze themselves into the filter compartment. I think the Fluval chi is a better design and overall a nicer looking tank IMO.

ChrisShRa says:

How has that light been for the plants?

Timothy Paskal says:

AMAZING AQUARIUM!!!! i have a 2.5 gallon retreat (pretty much the same exact thing but in half) and i was wondering where did u get that beautiful driftwood? I want my tank to have the same exact theme and if you dont mind recommending me some driftwood…

Lee Wallace says:

Does this need an air pump?

Purplesnowball 13 says:

So it is a pretty good tank sounds like… I am thinking about getting this as an alternative to the Fluval Spec V… Heard pretty good things about both, but I like that this one has an adjustable flow that (at least I think) goes lower than the Spec. Great review! Thanks!

155DJJ says:

Top Fin filter flows are always strong.  Also too strong for this little 5 gallon.

Radka Fiala says:

What filters should I buy to replace the ones that came with the tank?

Mister Scott says:

Is the stock light good enough for keeping those plants healthy?

mandyjane says:

i wad going to buy this today, but I was apprehensive because need a filter that has the capability to adjust the water flow. does the filter have a knob or switch to adjust the water flow? (I have bettas, and they don’t like lots of really strong water currents).

Joseph Abad says:

I was wondering if you would recommend removing the filter cartridge altogether, since it is so thin and I highly doubt it really makes a huge difference in filtering out the water. I was thinking of replacing it with coarse polishing pads sort of stuffed and held in place by small lip where original cartridge goes now? Also adding filter floss to prevent shrimp from getting into the back filtration? For now I have kept the provided filter cartridge and jammed water polishing pads into the lower left hand side to block the grates. Just want to know what your thoughts are? This was a great buy but definitely in dire need of adjustments. Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.

Dennis Younger says:

what a bunch of nit picking. shut up.

lyedell bowens says:

bad video

MikeeThe Gamer says:

What filter cartridge???

xisotopex says:

I have tons of plants growing with this tank, no co2. carpeting glosso, and s repens

Berry Tristan says:

Hi, did you figure out how to adjust the water flow? I feel like it’s too strong for my betta 🙁

akaMaya says:

I do have some questions about this tank: what filter cartridges do you use?  Are they just the Top Fin Small filter cartridges?  Also, is the flow pump adjustable?  I would hate it if the current was too strong for my betta!  Finally, I also purchased the Tetra 50w heater for this tank and I was just wondering how fast it takes to heat up? Thanks so much, this review was great!

Hitler's Relation says:

bought this tank a few weeks ago put some cherry barbs and red eye tetras in it. really nice at staying clean (if you have sand substrate)

Tormod Skoog says:

Bought the tank based on your review. It was nice to know that a 50w heater can fit in the filter compartment and there was no surprise with the light/ filter single power. If I bought without knowing, I may have been dissapointed. Definitely a nice tank overall though. Thanks.

ilikeguppies says:

yo nice tank i might buy one too but not sure if good for guppies because of the filter can suck up the frys

Jay Goo says:

My God you are such a whiney  little B**ch.

Jacqueline Leblanc says:

Does it have a strong flow that a betta wouldn’t like

Chris's Vlogs says:

will 10 neon tetras be good for this tank

hahayourfunny94 says:

How is the filter? Heard some things about it like it collects a small amount of debris before it starts blocking water flow.

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