Top fin Essential 5.5 gallon led aquarium fish tank kit unboxing

I unbox the Top fin Essential 5.5 gallon fish tank aquarium starter kit from Petsmart. I paid about $30 on sale, normally $40. This kit includes the 5.5 gallon tank with black silicone, a black slim hood with leds, a black hob filter, a black small fish net, and a water testing vial. along with a small thermometer. It is a nice looking setup, in all black! Stay tuned for more videos to come on this tank. Thanks for watching:)


tv4184 says:

I think 5.5 gallon is pretty standard. Other companies just label it with the 5 gallon instead. The only nice thing about the top fin version is the black silicone which is what drew me to it in the first place. Still debating between the 5 or the 10 though. Nice unboxing video.

Soraima Deniz says:

Hi can you please tell me the measures of the tank? Thank you!

roblin12 says:

would this tank and filter be too strong for a betta fish?

Aj Pineno says:

The glue is so the boxes don’t scratch the glass

sam games says:

I have this tank and the light has stopped working due to the leds not being sealed properly and some water got into it

Zullahe says:

Can you make more fish videos soon?

Sasenarine Ramlakhan says:

Did you ever figure out what the thing on the filter cover is for?

Julie Purcell says:

They glue them in tank so doesn’t get shaken and break the tank

Fish For Thought says:

I was debating whether to get this tank, thank you for the information and review!

Ryan McGee says:

The thing on the kid of the filter that u didn’t know what it was, it’s a lever with a red and blue cover and when it turns red that means the cartridge in the filters need to be changed

Jeff's Aquarium Hobby Enjoyment says:

I got a couple of these. They were on sale so I figured what the hell.

J delta737 says:

What is that small bottle for?

Anteater Head says:

I got a 20g and it came with a small foam peice anyone know what that’s for?

Mauri Maxwell says:

Just got this tank and i noticed on the front it says it comes with an “11-color LED”; I expected this to mean it was multicolored. Is it just the plain white only?

ROBLOX_ BioDanYT says:

Thank you sooooo much I was looking for a 5 gal tank that has a lid so my cat does not mess with my fish thank you sooo much

Amanda Burroughs says:

So I just purchased this tank today and I’ve had 2 filters so far that haven’t worked is it something I’m doing wrong or a piece I should have taken out that I don’t know about?

DarterGaming says:

I havr something really similar and i breed cherry shrimp in it.

The Aquarium Cowboy says:

Great video!

Sawyer Stallard says:

i got it fir 19.99 on sale

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